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The dreaded "one key fob only" issue.


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I was in a car accident in my (non-jag) car and my 2011MY XF key fob was ejected from my set of keys in ignition and broke into many pieces.
I just got back from the wreckers where I retrieved pretty much all the bit 'n' pieces and put it back together (minus the chrome strips on either side) with glue and rubber bands, a la Humpty Dumpty.
All the buttons seem to "click" as they should. I replaced the battery as the fob sat for three days in pieces. The (-ve) tab is in the right spot/slot to make contact with battery.

Car doesn't respond to any of the five buttons when I push them, so I had to use metal key to get into car.
Of course, the alarm sounds right away (for 20secs or so) as the car can't see the fob...as per message on dash..."Smart Key Not Found".
I haven't tried putting the fob in the slot below steering wheel to see if it recognises it that way. Guess I'm not sure if I'll be able to get it back out of slot.

Anyway I guess my question is: Since the fob sat in pieces for days, is there something that has to be done to "remarry" the fob to vehicle?
...and if not, does anyone have any other suggestions before I look into getting TWO new key fobs made.?

Thanks for any help that anyone can offer 🙂


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The actual cases are about £10 from the main dealer, it just whether the electronic element damaged or not. May just take in your bits in to a dealer and see if can sort?

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