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David T

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Good afternoon

Hope you are all safe and well.

Only polite to introduce yourself so my name is David and I am new to Jaguar and this forum. Just my wife and I rattling around the house now so I decided to treat myself to a weekend run around and bought a 2006 XKR. Absolutely delighted with her.

I look forward to picking your brains and reading about all your experiences

Best wishes



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Good Afternoon David,

I have only recently got my self an x type have been without a Jag about 5 years.

a fiat 500 is just not the same. And definitely not as comfortable on long journeys.

Your looks stunning.

I hope you and your wife enjoy driving it.

My husband is a Land rover man, still trying to convert him to the enjoyment of Jaguars.

Kind regards,


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Hi Julie

I've always driven company cars so this is the first car I've ever owned. Lets just say its been eye opening. However, so far so good and the Jag is a delight to drive long or short distances

I wish I could take credit for being some kind of master photographer but the picture timing was just luck as I was on my way home from picking up some fish and chips !

Best wishes


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