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New XF owner

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Hi all, have just got my 1st  2009 Jaguar XF 3.0 v6 diesel and i am blown away by it in all aspects, just sorting out a few little niggles with window washers being quite weak but have ordered a new t-piece on the pipework as thats leaking. Does the washer pump tend to fail over time as well? Is there anything in general with the car to keep an eye on or replace before they become an issue? Any advice will be appreciated.



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Hi Craig,

Nice looking car.

I have x type and did have S type, so can only tell you what I read.

Xf before 2010,only real reports occasionally seem to be faults with wiring in boot, affecting it closing and brake lights

Warning lights stuck on, sat nav going off, cosmetic problems door trim loose.

fuel cap jammed

a few cases of turbo/air con problems but problems seem to occur well after 100k.

but really seems a decent reliable car.



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