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Could be stuck door or faulty motor possibly

to test door¬

Turn the blower on high then press the recirc button.

Is the blower speed  faster and louder?

Blower speed should increase when turning the recirc on.

If it does not then the door may be broken and stuck in recirc mode which will cause the front windscreen to fog up, air will not blow there .
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This is all new to me never  had a jaguar this my first so that means nothing to me all I can tall you is no matter wat setting it's on it will only blow in the foot well I dont get any foging up in the window screen it just will not blow on the vents or window so that's all I can say

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Hi Rick,

I am not an expert either just know bits and pieces.(

You can try next

disconnect the negative battery terminal cable leave 5 minutes (this will reset the  motors)  now reconnect .

Make sure that you have the radio security code before doing this.


if it does not solve problem from what I have read as you have described it, could very well be a door stuck in the heater matrix

I believe in that case you have to replace complete  matrix.

Some of the other members are really good and may be able to help further.


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This my first X type.

only bought it April.

Enjoying driving it, goes well, had to spend quite a bit to get it right, had problems with air con pump,turbo actuator and reprogram key fob.

Sure you will enjoy yours 

hope you get it sorted soon.

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