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Greetings from outback Queensland Australia. I have 1970 Jaguar 420G, 1957 Jaguar Mark1, 1982 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit, 1976 Rolls Royce Camargue, 1976 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham plus other cars.

Presently converting 420G from automatic to 6 speed Tremec manual stickshift. Car is very solid but rust removal is my hobby. 

I am totally blown away by the quality of materials and workmanship in this Jaguar 420G. Coventry must have bleed lots of money to make them. They are my favourite Jaguar.

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Hi There Vladimir,

That's a wonderful collection of cars you have.

420G That's real style, love it.

Wish I had room to keep more cars.🙂

They are addictive.

Got any pictures of them?

Best Regards,



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Thank you Julie. It is an addiction and a disease which appears incurable. Fortunately, my Lair is half and acre in a town of 14 people, 126 kilometres from the nearest supermarket. 

I will post up photos over the next few days. 



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I can see your a real enthusiast, taking on rebuilds yourself 👍

I admire anyone who restores and saves these old beauty`s

Yes its incurable I know! 

I do love the American cars too. The shapes of those old classics are so cool and all that chrome looks wonderful 😍

I particularly like the Buick Riviera 

Also the benefit of much simpler engines to work on, none of those masses of electronics to go wrong as on the newer cars.

Your right about the old Jags workmanship and build - that's quality alright.

The two things I like about Jaguars and the old American cars Style and comfort - to me no new cars now have the same appeal 

Well sounds like you live in the right place to work undisturbed 

Where I live in Wales my city friends think is quiet but you have real peace and quiet must be great.

Thanks for posting the photos 




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