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Tpms issues

Gary Parker

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2008 X358 displaying "tpms system fault", amber warning light and amber flat tyre symbol.

I acquired the vehicle with this issue believing it to be because wheels /tyres fitted without tpms sensors.......this was the case however several weeks on I have had new tyres, new set of Jaguar tpms sensors installed and even after a very confident " you need to drive with them for a few miles so the car can relearn the new codes"........it has not because three weeks later I still have the same issues.

Any help / advice / sympathy please ??



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Hi Gary,

Firstly welcome to Jaguar Owners Club😃.

That's a real pain. You have my sympathy.

I had problem with TPMS on my previous Jaguar but replaced sensor and problem solved.

Have you manually checked all the tyre pressures? Just in case there is a problem.

I would take it back to the place who installed them, may be they were not installed incorrectly? may be the central unit is at fault?

I can only pass on what I have read - not being an expert (but keen and  trying to learn)

Hope you get it sorted

Kind Regards,


Tire Change or Rotation was Recently Performed

The tire sensors may be in need of a reset if the tire position on the wheel was changed. Depending on the car, this may just mean that you need to drive around for a few minutes so the tire can reset. If this doesn’t work, you may need to request a full calibration at the dealership or tire shop.


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