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Turbo actuator problems


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Hi There,

A recent diagnostic test on my 2.0 diesel as shown error code P132A. This points to a problem with the turbo actuator. 

Is it possible - and safe - to fit a 'plug and play' actuator or would any replacement actuator have to be calibrated to the car's control system?

I've been told that the plug and play option can cause damage to the engine. If this option is OK to use, which are the best ones to buy?

Thank you for any help/advice provided.


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Hi Ciaran Welcome to Jaguar Owners.

I had turbo actuator replaced on my X type in may due to lack of power. 

I had it done at local garage.

I can't offer advise on plug and play sorry but did find the above video on Youtube about cleaning it.

Kind Regards,


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Hi Julie,

Thank you for your message! 

Did you have to get a new actuator or did you get your original one fixed? 

I’ve seen online that some companies offer to fix your original actuator so that it doesn’t require any recalibration. 

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Hi Julie,

Thank you again for your message.

I really appreciate your insight, thank you.

I might look at ordering a new actuator in that case! 




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