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Brand new owner issue


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In uk, bought 2006 s-type R, 77k miles, FSH. Hasn’t been driven much and guy said it needed a run to charge battery up.

test drive fine, filled up with fuel and drive 70 miles home. Left car for about an hour, now won’t start.

Saw posts saying battery maybe dead so have charged for only an hour or so and voltage went from 12.20 to 13.00 so seems like battery ok?

tried starting and nothing, didn’t hear anything. Battery showed 12.6 v straight after and lots of activity on dash with things flashing and dials flicking.

Charging again to get to 13v or so first.

Not sure what to try once charged?


hope to be new member

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I’ve re-charged battery and using cars ETM the battery voltage shows below 10v

multimeter after depleting surface charge (lights on for 5 mins) showed 12.37v  which is still low.

is the ETM a good check of battery voltage?



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