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I have a 2002 X-type which has the two screen ac control cd/radio unit and I was hoping to fit a sat nav unit in to the space that it takes up. I did some research and even asked on this site whether it would be possible to swap the units over, and I was told that it is possible to do so. So I bought a sat nav unit with the screen, the dvd unit and the Motorola phone module, which duly arrived. I decided that today would be the day and removed the existing unit and wrapped it up and packed it safely away in a box. I took the replacement unit out to the car and was getting ready to fit it when I noticed a difference in the wiring blocks. The original unit had 2 separate blocks in the back of the ac unit whereas there was only one socket on the back of the sat nav unit. The cd /radio players wiring was perfect but there was absolutely no way on this great earth could I see a way to sort it, so back I go, feeling a right !Removed! and unwrapped the original unit and returned it from whence it came. Can anybody put me right, can you swapped a double screen unit for a sat nav unit, is there a connector block that will turn the two blocks into one so I can plug it in the back. Will I need to source a wiring loom that will connect the units in the boot to the head unit will it then control all the required system functions, or was it just one big waste of time and a not insignificant amount of money.

Any help you may be able to render will be very gratefully received.

I am in your hands, regards, Alan

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