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Windscreen washers


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I know this has been  covered before but never explained, as far as I can see? My 2012 XF has a mind of its own! Washers work perfectly with just ignition on.. One press then three staggered squirts on the upstroke.. Start the car, one squirt.. Drive the car, nothing! Stop the car.. All works again!?? 

Along with the reversing camera and sensors that actually did work for 5 seconds during a heavy frost!? Is all a bit reminiscent of my previous Alfa Romeos! 

It's simply just an annoyance! Overall a 2012 Jag with 120k, full service history, just serviced with new Mot for under 4k is great... But the silly little niggles are !Removed! irritating! 

I'm sure they can be easily fixed.. But only if you know what the problem is? 

Any ideas?? 


Ps the mirrors don't seem to be heated either? 


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Hi Malcolm,

My XF used to do strange things, codes flashing up, alarm going off because I was not driving it enough.

Do you use it on a regular basis?

you could check battery, check no water in boot causing problems with wiring , check relays are any loose? these seem to be common problems

that owners have quite frequently.

Kind Regards,


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The car is driven most days now, but was stood for a while before I bought it though, but battery is new?  Shame that a posh mondeo is not as reliable as a real one! 

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Does sound like some sort of wiring/electrical fault, if no water in the usual places, may need a auto electrician to do some diagnostics on it unless you are handy yourself. 

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