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XK missing a critical part - for 6 months

Nick Walshe

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I'm new here but hoping that the assembled wisdom of this group might be able to help me out...

My 2009 XK has been off the road for the last six months because its steering lock sensor doesn't work. No, I didn't think that would keep a car off the road for half a year either, but apparently so... It's part no C2Z12659. 
I've pursued Jaguar fairly mercilessly and they say they simply can't find the part anywhere, from Stuttgart to Singapore. Car is just 12 years old and they only stopped making them eight years ago. I've asked JLR is it their policy to maintain their older classics (though not that old)? No answer yet. 

So far I've tried Jag Global, Jag in the Middle East (I'm in Dubai), Jaguar Classics, Black Country Jaguar, several other parts companies and the UK scrapyards site. I got a note today saying that Jaguar simply haven't got it. I've asked them if they're planning to start making them again, or if there's a workaround. No reply yet... There are still probably tens of thousands of these out on the roads, only a parking lock sensor fail away from automotive Armaggeddon.... 

I'd be grateful for any ideas...


Nick Walshe

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