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Suspension lean on my XF 2015 XFS diesel


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Hi everyone, I notice a slight suspension lean on my Jaguar XFS 2015 to the right, it's the sport diesel V6 model with 270hp. I noticed this lean a while back, it's sutle and doesn't cause any driving issues, the car drives fine. But it's annoying me. Took my car to the dealer in the the UK to do a wheel alignment, as I noticed the steering wheel was not straight. They said the lower control arm for rear left reached the end of adjustment and had to be replaced, after £1k, they changed it and did an alignment, but the steering wasn't straight, after 3 attempts and complains, they managed to get it straight. Now I replaced the tires a year after that, then the wheels went out of alignment, so went back, and this time they said the locking nut in the same area was stuck, so replaced that after it snapped, they replaced it on the warranty, then again had to do the alignment 2 times to get the steering straight.


Short story long, does anyone know what would cause this, and more importantly, does you know any good Jaguar suspension specialists in London I can take the car to, without paying a fortune?


Thanks all




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If you have one of these nearby worth a punt

Pirelli Performance Centre

They wont fix the suspension issue (i dont think), but can hopefully tell you what the issue is, and if no issue should sort out wheel alignment.

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