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URGENT - Jaguar X-Type - cannot clear a Gearbox Fault code - need recovery service in North London and a suitable Jag specialist


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I have an URGENT problem and I would be grateful for some recommendations. Apologies for the length of this email.

My Jag X-Type (Reg Number: BJ54 KKH) was working fine until yesterday morning when I seemed to encounter a flat battery. I charged it up but it didn't seem to help. A local mechanic got it started - using a standard mobile battery starter. So I took it for a drive to our shopping centre but when I got there I found that I could not start it again. I called out the rescue service - the engineer there found that it was not an alternator fault but my battery had developed a faulty cell which meant that it could not retain the charge. He restarted the car and I drove it straight to Halfords in West Hendon where they fitted a new battery.  During the removal and replacement of the battery the car alarm sounded (there is is just the standard car alarm and nothing extra had been fitted.) The first battery that Halfords installed turned out to be faulty (it had lost its charge in long storage). The second battery they fitted was OK  but now the car is refusing to start because it is coming up with the error message "Gearbox Fault". Using an after-market programmer I am unable to remove this. Basically the car believes that it has been stolen and it is currently sitting in a service bay at the Halfords store in West Hendon.

So I need a call-out service which can come and collect the car and take it to a specialist Jaguar engineer who can reprogram it so that it can run again.  I live in Hendon, (Postcode NW4 4PN) . Any help and advice would be appreciated.




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