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S type transmission


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Hi guys!

Expert advice needed please!

I have just had a crack fixed in my gearbox sump and this has cured the fluid leak but I now notice that when cold, the car seems to 'hang on' to 2nd and 3rd gears and then suddenly lurches into gear with an alarming jolt and 'thud'. Is this something anyone can help me with please?? My warranty ran out last week so I am worried this might be very costly!

Also is there an alternative transmission fluid available other than Jaguar own label? I have just paid £32 per litre for it and my local guy says there must be some alternative option?? Any advice would be very welcome. Sorry to go on a bit but I am no mechanic!!

Cheers guys.


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Not too sure on your problem I'm afraid however we do sell the genuine fluid (Esso LT71141) for £20 +vat per litre. Exactly the same as the Jaguar stuff but in an Esso Bottle...

Part Number: JLM202373


William Wigglesworth Sales Department

SNG Barratt Group Limited

Telephone: 01746 765432

Email: william.wigglesworth@sngbarratt.com

Web: www.sngbarratt.com

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