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Hi all, Im a new member from Dukinfield Cheshire, I Was looking for a classic car with a big engine rover p5b or p6, stag or tr8 never thought i would be able to afford an xk8, what a superb car I was overstretching my budget but put a deposit on an 05 black coupe with a full Jaguar service history today,

As usuall im doing everything the wrong way round but could not resist the curves that were in front of me :)

The Jaguar main dealer was very helpful and has given me until monday to decide, when they will give me my deposit back if for some strange reason I change my mind

If any of you experienced Jaguar ladies and gents could help with a few answers it would be appreciated

1, insurance has anyone got any recommends as I have used my no claims bonus on my everyday car

2, what are the basic thing to look for and any questions a well informed buyer should be asking when I go on monday,

3,the salesman was recommending a jaguar specialist paint and interior treatment ( sounds like a scotchguard treatment inside)

And a paintwork clean, polish and treatment for half price is, anyone familier with this?

Also an extended parts and labour warranty, and a wheel, tyre and paint scratch warranty all will cost an extra £1000

Thanks in advance


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