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New to the forum (S Type R) Stuck in Garage Due to Snow


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Hi Guys/Girls my S Type R has been stuck in the garage since last Sunday as I cant get the car off the drive it's too steep and covered in ice! Tried again this morning but went down to -12 last night so no chance, its a right pain in the bum!!! Hopefully it will warm up soon and I can go for a drive, I miss my Jag!!!!

I am just going to indulge in my day job (if you can call it that) as a Hi Fi Consultant, just had a pair of ATC Active 50 Tower Speakers delivered along with ATC new CD/Pre Amp, so I will fire them up instead! ATC the Jaguar of the speaker world!!!

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Hi BigAl; Can you or any other members help me out? The 'R' logos on my brake callipers have faded, Jag say that you have to purchase a complete set of new calipers at a lot of ££££ but you must be able to purchase just the logos? I have looked and all that secures them is two screws so it's not as if they are glued to the caliper?

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