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Heated Windscreen


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Hi all,

can anyone supply me with any details of the heated windscreen relay, model number specs etc? I've recently upgraded the windscreen to a heated one after finding that all the wiring looms and interior buttons were on the car. Is this relay a dealer only part or is there an off the shelf eqivalent? Any help would be appreciated, a photo of the pin arrangement would be great.


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Hi all and many thanks to all who helped me out with the identification of the heated windscreen relay........ all NONE of ya lol.

All identified after a trip to halfords looking through a Haynes manual that had been opened.... ooops wasn't me guv, it was like that when i picked it up!!

All sorted and tested, almost looking forward to winter now.

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Hi Pezzzer, it does seem very slow on here. Couldnt help with your relay, glad you got it sorted.

I got my second set of wheels off ebay, I wanted a set of 16s for winter tyres. I have 17s for summer use.

Make sure you get X-type ones. Some sellers advertise them as fitting x and s type, avoid them, they are clearly ignorant as to the sublties of what fits correctly. The offset is different on s-type wheels so although the wheels fit on the hub they can foul the suspension.


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Hi George many thanks for the info.

I've managed to track down a set of 18" spoked X Type wheels along with fitted tyres bud, so should be no problems with the technical side of things.

I'm beginning to get a bit disenchanted with these forums, you get loads of folks looking at threads but no one actually seems to reply or comment. Steve is pretty good though, but he does have the whole website to trawl so he's spreading himself a little thin.

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