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Headlight adjustment for right hand driving

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I'm going to France at the end of this month with my 04 S-Type (& of course my wife) and I'm wondering what to do to adjust the headlight beam. The handbook just talks about adjustment for HID lights but not for halogen lights. Any advice would be welcome.    

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All that I've read seems to suggest the adjustment in the cockpit and in the engine compartment make adjustment to the beam height but not to the angle of the beam for driving on the opposite side of the road.


I used to work in Germany for a few years and it was necessary to change the UK spec headlights on my car for the european equivalent.  Web search and other forums suggest using the blanking strip on to the outside of the lens alternatively there is some suggestion of being able to swap the headlights around.......  The latter is suggested, I haven't seen any evidence of it being accomplished.


Good luck and let us know how you get on.


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Just Ben to France, I used the blanking strips you stick on the out side of the lens, also bought a European travel kit from ebay to keep within the France laws got the strips in the kit

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I have traveled in France many times in the last 12yrs in my 4 litre S Type,I bought a pair of official Jag part beam deflectors,cant remember how much they were now,probably not cheap,they comprised two full lense plastic covers that clipped over the dipped beams each had a very small black oblong printed on them to supposedly correct the beam, I have never really believed that they can possibly work and I do get a lot of flashing at me when travelling at night so I think they probably don't work very well, I try to keep my night driving to a minimum, I have considered buying a pair of eu spec main beams and installing them for my trips abroad but have never looked in to the cost ,probably considerable I would think, and have also wondered myself if there was adjustment to do this as after all it is a single headlight dipped beam that you would think was merely tilted in the right direction get the right effect .....good luck ....John

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