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new member - Hi everyone

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Hi everyone,


My name's John and I'd like to buy a XK8 soon... can I ask advice on whether to go for a 4.0 litre and get any work done (I've researched timing chains, water pumps etc) or spend the most I can on a 4.2 litre ??  are they that much better in terms of improvements ?

I'd really appreciate some pointers and if anyone knows a good service specialist in the Brighton area for when I'm ready, even with history I'd like it looked at ?

thanks guys



aged 48 and three quarters.


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Hi mate go for the 4.2 it has the new more reliable camchain tensioners, if you have to replace the old ones in a 4 its about 1500 notes, just my own findings having had a 4 litre , lovely car I loved every mile in it enjoy.

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Hiy Jon. I'm Jon as well !!

I've just purchased a 4.2 xk 2006 model and I'm really pleased, I looked at and researched whether to get the earlier model or the one I've got . I think the engine is better, the body styling is better and it's got more gadgets inside ( also more to go wrong ) !! I've gone from owning 7 land rover Discovery's in a row to the Jag so it's a completely different type of vehicle, must be my middle aged life crisis !!

I live in South Wales and I've had it looked at by my local independent garage Gimbers, much better than main stealers ! All in all a great car ! Happy hunting . Cheers Jon

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Hey Madmax, MickT and Mr D ,


thanks for the advice guys, I think it will be a 4.2 - everything I research points towards that ...

Madmax (jon), your Jag looks amazing and I'm 50 next year so you're not alone in the midlife crisis thingy !!  (7 Disco's eh ??!!  - impressive ) :)

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