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Hi Peter, to the best of my knowledge no you do not get a dashboard notification when a service is due. I have my 2002 3 litre petrol S-type serviced every 12 months just before it's MOT incorporating the two. However I do not do sufficient mileage to have a notification come up anyway, but always have it done to keep my service record book stamped up to date, I hasten to add that my service and MOT are carried out by an independent garage who I know and trust and not a Jaguar dealership. Good luck and best wishes mate, enjoy your Jag. Regards Geoff.

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thanks geoff for the information i have decided to have it serviced  at a independent near to where i live .i am loving driving the jag

once again thanks regards pete

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I have a 2005 S-Type sport 2.7 twin turbo Diesel and like Geoff don't do enough miles but have it serviced and M.O.T'd on it's anniversary. I also use a reputable independent. 

I believe there is a service warning light which after a period displays as a message. I remember reading somewhere how to reset it so if it can be reset it must occur!


Can you check when it was last serviced, stamp in the service book? 


Enjoy the car.



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