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I have a S Type September 2000 and have had lots of door locking problems but now I have the nearside rear door permanently locked which means I can not get it through a MOT I have tried  disconnecting the power on and off and vigorously operating the door handles but the door remains locked. 


Has any one got any ideas on how to open this door



Please Help



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Hi Neil


Unfortunately, your door locking problem is a common fault and one that is quite awkward, but not impossible to resolve.

As Keymeister has correctly stated, you will need to remove the interior door card to gain access to the faulty door lock solenoid.

This can be made easier by removing the rear seat to allow greater access to the retaining screws on the door card.

Once you have gained access to the door lock mechanism, you can either try to jiggle the mechanism levers until the door unlocks but if this doesn't work then the only other way is to break the plastic unit apart with a hammer and chisel...sounds brutal but it does then release the door.

It would be wise to have a replacement door lock mechanism to hand to beforehand, so as not to leave the car unlockable whilst waiting for parts!


Hope this helps?  


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Hi Andy


I have removed the door card but all cables and links are in good working condition. However I had to revert to going to the main dealer which resulted in a bill of £650 an expensive way to open a door.





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Hi Trevor


Thank you for your reply and the advice therein. I managed to remove the door card but was unable to release the lock no matter what I did withe the mechanism. The hammer and chisel method did not cross my mind so I gave in and took the car to Jaguar Exeter who did use this method and charged me £650


Thanks a gain Trevor I wished you had spotted my posting sooner before I was forced to seek help from the Jaguar main dealer.





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