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New to the X type

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Hello there

I was at the auctions recently with a friend of mine who was looking to replace his knackered 260k mile espace, and after passing the first car through the ring a rover 75, the next car was a diesel x type which he bought for £1600


Its a 2004 X Type, 2.0D SE, with 109,800 miles on the clock.


There are a few issues/problems that i would like your help with:


- The headlights when on full beam (if full beam is the inner pair of lights closest to the radiator grille) on the passenger side the light is much dimmer and the indicator bulbs for the front, side and back of the passenger side of the car also light up dimly. This seems like a typical earthing issue, but i would like to ask if this is a common issue and where the earthing point is, i can see a few earthing points that look a bit dirty and in need of a clean.


- The car was a bit dead on power, black smoke and didnt rev above 3000 rpm although this seems to have reacted well to blowing the cobwebs out by driving it hard for a few minuites it now seems to rev quicker and the power has returned. Do these cars suffer turbo issues, blocked EGR's anything like that? 


- It only happened twice, but when coasting down a hill in neutral the engine management light, alternator and oil light came on at the same time, but when the car is in gear they went away.


- Do the phone buttons on the radio connect to a phone, the instructions book doesn't say anything and i assume 2004 predates bluetooth but can bluetooth be retrofitted to work with the stereo.


Sorry for the amount of questions, if there are too many and you would prefer me to ask in separate threads let me know.





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There are a few ideousincrasies (sp) that go with owning an X Type Diesel.Yea it does have an EGR valve that cruds up,apparrently this is an easy fix,remove clean with petrol and be prepared to get yer hands mucky.


When you gave the car some clog and got some power back.............this may be due to the DPF (diesel particulate filter) being bunged up and you have blown some of the carbon out.


I am led to believe that you can retrofit handsfree bluetooth to your car......check out e bay,the module on mine is in the boot behind the nearside wing boot carpet



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