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rear door not locking

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I have recently purchased a 1999 T reg 3.0 Stype. The rear door, drivers side, will not lock ,either remotely or manually. I cannot push the black loking lever in.  Can anyone suggest a solution please. 

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It sounds as though the door latch mechanism has developed a fault (quite common on these models).

The good news is....if the door is unlocked and can be opened then it is an easy replacement job.

A new unit would be required if you cannot free the other one up by applying WD40 through the latch aperture.

Let us know how you get on with it

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Thanks for your interest Trevor. I have now sprayed everywhere I can access in and around the door latch with WD40.As yet it has not resolved the issue. I wiil keep you posted.

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Had a similar problem on my s-type when i bought it (had been in storage for over a year), lazy solenoid was diagnosed, but before replacing, was suggested to disconnect battery overnight ( with car unlocked :) ). Connected up following morning locked and then deadlocked car, unlocked, locked did this a couple of times, not had the problem since. Might be worth a try.

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Thanks for the replies, WD 40 proved to be a temporary solution but then unfortunately the rear door lock changed it's mind and instead of being open all the time it became locked all the time. The result was that I took the car to a local independant body shop who managed to remove the door trim and open the door (I didnt ask how ) and replaced the complete door lock,cables,inner handle and latch plate with genuine parts  at a sensible price.All works perfectly now.

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