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auto box fluid change

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Hi guys my car has 94000 on clock and ive started touring with a caravan, does anyone think it would be beneficial to have the sealed for life box oil changed or leave it alone, with the extra strain on the box want to limit the strain on it , any advice please, mick.

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Hi Mick, I would get it changed if I were you, it is advisable to change the fluid after 60K in my view and it certainly will not do any harm to have it done. What does sealed for life mean anyway? The answer is until it packs up, which could be at any time. Just my opinion though. Best wishes Geoff.

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Thanks Geoff, I have no record if its been changed at all, I guess not I think jaguar dont advise it, have you any idea how much it costs and is it a garage job or diy, thanks, mick.

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Hi again Mick, as far as I am concerned it is a garage job, but take it to a good independent not a Jaguar dealership or you will pay well over the odds, the cost should be approximately between £130 and £160 all in, VAT, fluid  and parts,  dependant on the garage. All the best Geoff. 

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Thanks Geoff, just looked on internet you are correct 60 k is the recommend change period , ill make some enquiries in my area I know of a local independent , ill let you know what they say, regards mick.

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Hi Mick T,

I agree with the other replies. I had mine done @80K miles and although the gear changes were OK before but after the oil/filter change, the changes were imperceptible and pickup much improved. Bristol transmissions sell a kit with the correct oil and the replacement filter unit and fasteners.

(I have no connection with Bristol transmissions other than a satisfied customer).

I would suggest you have the work done at a competent independent as it is quite a tricky operation to fully drain and re-fill. The correct temperatures must be achieved whilst re-filling. I also had the transmission software upgraded at the same time ("flashed".)

Regards, Irish Pappy

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Hi Mick,


You might want to try:

ZF Services UK Ltd.

Abbeyfield Road
Lenton, Nottingham NG7 2SX

Email: info.zfgb@zf.com
Phone: +44 844 2570333
Fax: +44 115 986 92 61
Homepage: www.zf.com/uk









I heard some very complementary things on another site.












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