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Memory Seat Position

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Hi Alexander,


I have found this information which may help, in particular...the recalibration procedure in the last paragraph.


Regards    Trevor


Driving Position Memory
To cancel key transmitter memory recall:
1. Press the MEMORY button: the red LED will illuminate for a five second period.
2. Press any button on the key transmitter (except the panic button), then press the MEMORY button again. Both button presses must occur while the red LED is illuminated.
Driving position memory system operating tips
• When making adjustments to a set driving position, reset the new position in the same memory channel.
• A driving position will only be memorised during the five second period when the red memory LED is illuminated.
• Previous memory is erased when a new driving position is entered.
• Make sure that the seat has completed moving into the required memory position before shifting the gear selector from the P position, or in the case of manual transmission, releasing the parkbrake.
• If the seat memory does not recall correctly, the seat may require to be recalibrated. This may be due to an interruption in the electrical supply. To recalibrate the seat it should be powered fully forwards and backwards, and fully upwards and downwards.
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