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Video: Jaguar XJ Drives To The "Coldest City On Earth"

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The Jaguar XJ Drive to the Coldest Town on Earth | Jaguar USA

Jaguar lazy-loading-image.gifUSA took the XJ luxury sedan lazy-loading-image.gifto one of the coldest towns on Earth: Yukon, Canada. Along with the dangerously low temperatures, this territory also has some of the planet’s most treacherous roads. In this town, temperatures plummeted to an incredible -32° F, so you can only imagine the driving conditions here. However, for the XJ these conditions were quite easy to handle, and Jag highlighted the entire trip in the above video.

As a reminder, the XJ lazy-loading-image.gifis offered with four powerful and refined engines, with power ranging from 275 horsepower in the 3.0-liter, V-6 diesel engine and up to 470 horsepower in the 5.0-liter, V-8 gas engine. Prices range from $76,700 in the base version, but it can go up to $112,600 in the Supersport version.

Check out this video to see how the Jaguar XJ handles its 2,000-mile round trip journey to the coldest city on Earth.

  • 2010-jaguar-xj-1_180x130w.jpg
  • 2010-jaguar-xj-14_180x130w.jpg
  • 2010-jaguar-xj-8_180x130w.jpg
  • 2010-jaguar-xj-9_180x130w.jpg




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