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Hello - X type advice

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Hello everyone, I've just, after many years of owning all sorts of cars, decided to get an X type, could anyone help by giving me advice on what to look out for when buying one, I was looking at getting a 04/05  diesel... Brian.

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Hi BriJ63....and welcome to the forum !


We have just written a buyers guide for the X-Type but haven't yet published it so hopefully you will find some useful information in it. 

Look forward to seeing your posts and pictures once you get one.


Regards,    Trevor


Buyers guide - jaguar x-type.pdf

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Hello everyone! I have a 2004 JAGUAR X-Type. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice to offer regarding retrofitting for bluetooth, satellite radio, etc. I bought her new, and have pampered her since day one...my baby has only 11,000 original miles as we come up on her 10th birthday, in Feb. 2014.

Thanks all ;)

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Hi Dena....and welcome to the club !


Unfortunately, one of the members recently posted up a retro-fit stereo tutorial with pictures....but the site crashed and we lost the tutorial.   :(

Hopefully someone has carried out this procedure before and can offer some advice.


Regards   Trevor

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