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Its that time of year again for Potholes !

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I’m suing the council for £600 Jag repair

2759651.jpg?type=articleLandscapeDamage – Angela Nicholson with Chris Stanley

A DRIVER is suing Essex County Council after a pothole left her with a £600 repair bill.

Angela Nicholson, 45, had to fork out for new alloy wheels and repairs to the chassis on her Jaguar after it was damaged in Wickford Avenue, Pitsea.

She put in a claim for compensation following the incident in March, but after a frustrating six-month wait the council refused to pay up.

Highways bosses said the road was inspected just days after her complaint and was found to be in a “reasonable condition.”

Mrs Nicholson, of Mill Green, Pitsea, is so certain she has a valid case for compensation, she is risking losing a lot more money by taking the council to court.

She said: “The road is absolutely awful.

“People driving down there have to slowdown to about three miles per hour because it’s so bad, but this council reckons that is reasonable.

“I had to wait quite a while and even had to chase the council up for a response, only to find out it won’t pay me back.

“It’s quick enough to demand money when they wants it from us.

“I have considered starting a petition to urge the council to sort the problem out, but I’m not sure it will make any difference.

"It’s an issue all over Basildon”.

Mrs Nicholson, who is off work due to health reasons, is now selling her beloved Jaguar and planning to buy a cheaper car.

She is struggling to afford running costs, and is scared of causing even more damage, due to the rough roads across the borough.

Highways bosses would not comment on the impending court case.

A council spokesman said: “Essex County Council will not comment on the specific details of individual cases.

“All compensation claims received by Essex County Council are investigated fully and damages paid if the council is liable as the Highways Authority.

“All claims are given the same legal consideration, whether the claim is for minor damage to a vehicle or for personal injury.

6:00am Wednesday 4th December 2013 in NewsBy Chloe Chapman

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