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Engine stutter when warming up

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Hi, my 2002 S type 2.5 petrol engine starts to stutter just before it comes up to full temperature. The car pulls off ok and the stuttering starts to happen about half way up to temperature and then goes away once the car is up to temperature or very shortly after. This started as a slight stuttering but has got progressively worse over the last year.  The car does not register a fault when plugged up to diagnostics and my local (very good) mechanic advised me to just let it become a fault and then he would fix it. The thing is, it is very annoying and I would like to get it fixed if only I knew what was causing it. I have been told it might be the cold start (choke?).


Anyone out there got any knowledge of this issue and how to fix it please?



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Hi Steve....and welcome to the club!


Your mechanic is right with allowing it to turn into a more permanent fault as sometimes they do not manifest themselves until it actually does go completely faulty.

Normally, a fault like this I would recommend a Coolant Temperature Sensor as its this time of year that they fail and would lead to similar symptoms that your car is displaying.

The sensor can go out of operating range, which is when the warning light will come on or you could change it quite easily and cheaply to just see if it changes anything in the meantime? It can also substantially affect your fuel economy by overfuelling the engine if left unattended.

Hope this helps?


Regards   Trevor

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Trevor, firstly I am sorry about not getting back you you earlier to thank you for your advice. Thank you.


I have had the coolant sensor replaced (£10 fitted) during the cars service a couple of weeks ago. The stutter is still there but less pronounced and lasts a shorter time. So, there is some improvement but it is not fully rectified.


I am now thinking that maybe to choke is not coming off cleanly once the engine is warmed up and my have a look at this.


Once again, thank you for the help.



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