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Hello everybody

My window motor RH side is dead.

I have difficulties to find a new or used window motor, passenger right side for a LHD car.

My Jag is a 1990 XJS 12V 5.3 convertible LHD BRG (SAJJNADW4DM174681).

Original P/N was JLM 1495.

Last Jag Service bulletin on my hand (JD 8/92) indicates the new P/N JLM 10578 that includes motor and regulator assy.

Can anybody suggest me where to look for? 







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Hi Paolo...and welcome to the forum!


I have just had a look on eBay and there are a couple on there...but worth watching to see if the exact one you want turns up.




Other Jaguar suppliers are quite plentiful throughout the UK.


Regards    Trevor

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Hi Trevor

Thank you for the link.

I've used e-bay first and still looking at for new advs. 

In fact there are differences on coupé and convertible, but also in reference to the VIN: my is 174681, and, as far as I know, after the VIN 179736 the part is different. This make more complicate the selection. 

Companies as David Manners, Barrat, Britishparts, SC Parts and others in US as well have declined. A couple of other made a generic offer, without details. BTW I have already purchased recently two window motors that were supposed to be the correct part, which was not the case.

I wonder whether anybody is aware if this window motor is fit into another model, Jaguar or non Jaguar. This may widen the opportunity to find it, new or used.

Any suggestion is really wellcome. 



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