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2013 has been a great year - the lads have achieved so much.

We started the year with 5 lads and ending the year with 29.

11 more Rookies joining us in January.

We competed in over 45 races - sometimes 3 per week.

We raced in the Inter Services Karting Championships - coming 2nd & 3rd once.

We raced in 3 x 24hr races - Daytona 24hr, Le Mans 2hr and British 24hr.

We raced against some of the country’s top drivers & beat Team McLaren.

We set up Team KartForce Scotland and Team KartForce North.

7 lads passed their ARDS Tests & progressing to racing cars.

We designed the most advanced set of hand controls for race cars.

We set up Team Kilo Foxtrot to compete in team endurance car races.

Thank you for your support - you helped make all this happen.




2014 is going to be a fantastic year!

New Patrons to be announced shortly – some very big names!

Mercedes in association with City West Commercials agreed to donate a van - full news to come shortly.


All KartForce teams will race against each other for the first time Fri 24th Jan - 40 injured troops.

These are some of the races we'll be competing in....

  ▪ European Prokart Endurance Championship
  ▪ Elite Karting League
  ▪ Inter Services Karting Championships
  ▪ Isle of Man 24hr, Le Mans 24hr & British 24hr

We'd like to enter the 24hrs of America and Majorca 12hr race.

We’re looking at breaking and setting some new 24hr world records.

  ▪ Team - Furthest driven with hand controls
  ▪ Solo – Furthest driven with hand controls
  ▪ Team – Furthest driven
  ▪ Solo – Furthest driven
  ▪ Team – Further driven with 1 hand (triple amputees)
  ▪ Solo – Further driven with 1 hand (triple amputee)
  ▪ Most 24hr karting world record set at one time

We’ll be finishing off tests on our new hand controls for race cars – the most advanced hand controls in existence.

And we’ll be developing the hand controls to suit other race cars so our lads can race what they want.

Team Kilo Foxtrot will be competing in team endurance races in the Jaguar XJ-S that won the 2012 Nurburgring 24hr.

We hope you'll continue to support us - let's get more lads racing!





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