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X Type side lights fusing

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Hi all. I am trying to find why the fuse for the right hand side lights keeps fusing. It is number 68 in the fuse box inside the glove box. The difficulty is that it will not fuse straight away and usually lasts a couple of days before blowing. I've done the usual by checking the connections front and rear and put new bulbs in but to no avail. Any suggestions would be gratefully received, MOT is getting close and I am trying to avoid hours of delving into the wiring. Many thanks.

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Hi Peter


if the fuse keeps blowing then there is a current overload in the circuit somewhere....I would start at the bulb holder and look for signs of corrosion behind where the bulb sits and follow the wires as far as you can see. The wiring may be chafing on the bodywork?


Regards    Trevor

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Thanks Trevor.

I have looked at the visible wiring for the front and rear sidelights and bulb holders and all look fine.

I was wondering if this was a common problem elsewhere ie at a joint that someone may have come across before.

The difficulty is its ok with a new fuse for a couple of days then ssuddenly goes. Think I will have to delve further.

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