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Front lower Ball joint change?

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Hi Chaps,

On my 2000 XKR, the MOT had an advisory for play in both front lower ball joints - this is felt with heavy braking and also increased tyre wear on the inside edges.


I can't find any play or movement in any of the other bushes or upper ball joints so I have for now just ordered two lower ball joints to replace.

I have access to a press, but I am looking for a guide to help me along the way.


On researching on the tinterweb, some folk mention having to drop the steering rack - Is this the case?


Any feedback would be appreciated  :)  

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Remove the four bolts that hold the rack to the subframe, it will then swing out of the way and the lower bolt can then be removed, no need to undo any pipes.
Go careful with the bolts however as they can sometimes seize (steel bolts, alloy subframe)

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Thanks Trevor, The rack bolts are the only thing I am honestly worrying about! 


I will be doing them in a couple of weekends so plan to soak the bolts overnight before I give it a go!


Pics to follow.....

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