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Anyone had problems with the self levelling headlamps?

I carried out the bracket repairs on both lghts about a month ago, this was the mechanical problem of the poor quality plastic brackets replaced by a kit from ebay.


Now I have an electrical issue as the lights no longer self level, they do not go through the travel test when starting the car and remain pointed down,

any member had this problem? and solved it? if so how? 

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The headlights should perform their 'sweep' test when you switch them on. If they don't, or only one does then it is unlikely to be a fault with the sensors on the suspension. If the sensors are disconnected or faulty the lights should still perform the sweep test but will then fail to level correctly.

As yours don't perform the test I would suggest double checking the actuator arms are correctly located to the reflectors on the inside of the unit. It may be that the motors are working properly but aren't connected to the headlights on the inside

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In my case they were not sweeping, I was trying to find a way to test if it was because there was no activation electronically or it was getting the signal and it was a mechanical or stepper motor fail.

I was hoping that the mangoose setup would test the headlamp module, but it seems that it only does a limited amount of tests, nothing like the dealers use.

I have traced my problem to the wiring, and possibly the headlamp assembly to the loom multi pin connectors.

At the moment they are working, so I will wait till they fail again to continue .

However one observation on a steep slope  the beams do not seem to move, I would have thought that they would have self levelled, perhaps the self level activation modules are stuck?

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