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wheel weights rub calipers


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Hello fellow owners

Recently had wheels balanced and asked fitter to put weights inside the wheel instead of round the rim for purely aesthetic reasons. However when
driving away I could hear the weights rubbing on the front callipers. Obviously I didn't go far and had the weights removed and fitted back on the rim.


I was amazed at how little clearance there was between the calliper and the wheel. This would only apply to the front as the rear callipers are much smaller
and also only on 16" wheels.


Has anyone else experienced this or does everyone with 16" wheels always have the weights on the outside?


I have cleaned up the callipers (see attached) and am considering either polishing them or painting them - any views on this? Since they are visible through the wheel they are effectively on the outside of the car and should be finished accordingly not just left uncoated and rough cast.







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