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  1. If you have had an obd check I would think faulty earth wire.
  2. Like Jon says a bit of a pain, but when you have done one the other is easier.
  3. That's the trouble with Jags, there are so many variations. Stan.
  4. Das lights can be changed, I read on one of the other Jag sites that it had been done, and yes you can change to LED. Stan.
  5. Most of my driving is around town with little urban, due to trafic lights, road works. trafic jams etc I am lucky if I get 15mph. But what a drive. Stan.
  6. You would appear to have done everything required. mine was difficult to do because the wiring is very tight. but once the tangs are released that is it basicly there should be nothing else in the way. Can you try and un plug the wiring. Stan.
  7. Interior noise almost like road noise but doesnt go away on a good road surface.
  8. Just had O/S/R wheel bearing replaced. cannot believe the differance it makes to road noise. It is surprising how these type of things just creep up on you.
  9. All I can say is that somehow you have to pull the seal of the door frame. or off the car itself because it has two. and pack out the soft sealing piece with something like a strip of rubber and then replace and hopefully it will have restored the seal sufficiantly to stop wind noise. Sorry that is the best I can do to explain it. Stan
  10. Thank s to you and Peter for today Paul bit disappointed with turn out, 11. an excellent day. Sorry to hear of your troubles hope they turn out ok.
  11. Pack it out behind the seal with some foam tape, seen it done on wheeler dealers. it s just that the rubber gets flattened.