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Chirping XKR 2007


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Any XKR sleuths out there? My 2007 car makes a bird-like 'chirping' noise when cold. Have attached mp3 recording for reference. Sound lasts less than 2 minutes ie until car starts to warm up. Car runs great and I have no warning lights. I took it to Jaguar and they identified the supercharger belt so replaced that, the tensioner and all fittings... low and behold no difference.


I will take it back to the dealer but I am interested if anyone else has/had something similar and what the fix might be.


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It does sound like  a belt of some description, can to just turn the radio up for a couple of minutes ?


Found this link, don't know if it's any help, but there are various answers given.







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Hi Trevor, turning the radio up definitely works for me but I still have all those pedestrians telling me they think I have a bird nesting under the bonnet! Thanks for the link. Looks like another trip to the Jag workshop.



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it turned out to be the supercharger belt. Jaguar fessed up to having made a mistake in fitting the wrong one a couple of weeks ago and have since put it right. Apart from that error and the time taken with trips to the workshop it cost £380 inc vat but I did get to drink their coffee and the use of their wifi and I can think of worse places to work.

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