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15 years to call it a classic?

Karl Jones

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I've been looking on the internet about when to call your car a classic. Most people say its 15 years but some people say 12 years and 25 years. Also when you ask insurance companies they say its 12 years old, but it depends on which company you ask.

   They big question is when do you get cheaper insurance and also when can you get free road tax. If anyone has come across these question before or own a classic Jaguar, please give us a shout back.


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Hi Guys

Got some new info from a mate in the trade, when my car gets to 15 years old its called a classic. That's it. no free tax. its only when a vehicle is 30 years old then it becomes vintage. that's when you can apply for the free road tax. So any vehicle registered before 1974 can claim free road tax. The only good thing for me is next year I can get classic car insurance, because if the owner/driver is over 25 and the car is 15 years or older with limited mileage then I can get cheaper car insurance. Happy Days.

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Hi Karl and Stan, I don't know how much you boys pay for your insurance, but I got mine with esure via Compare the Market.com. It cost me £187.35 this year which I don't consider expensive at all, this is on an annual mileage of 4001-5000 and a £250.00 excess. I told my neighbour who also has a 3.0 S-type as he was complaining of his renewal with Saga being £480 odd, he then went through a comparison website and got his quote down to less than £200.00. It may pay you to do the same if you consider your insurance high, any of the websites should do I just went with Compare the Market because I prefer Alexander and Sergei to that opera singer. Good luck with it and here's to cheaper motoring. Best wishes Geoff.

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