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Touch Screen Failure.


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my Daughter now owns my last X Soveriegn 2.2 D/ 2009. A few days ago the 6 cd disc changer which is situated in the boot of the car stopped working. I located the fault which turned out to be one of the 6 cd trays being warped making the retraction of the disc back into its tray from the cd reading head too heavy for the internal mechanism to operate correctly. I had to remove the changer unit from the car in order to free the trapped disc.After correcting the fault, the changer was reinstalled back into its place. The ignition was then switched ON and the eject button on the changer illuminated and when operated, the cd cassette was ejected from the changer. The Touch Screen also illuminated. Having Jaguar Voice fitted to the car my Daughter gave the command ....Radio Play.......the radio then switched on and began to play. The ignition was then switched off and then back on again, but this time the Touch Screen failed to illuminate, together with the eject button on the 6 disc changer. I would like to think that a fuse has blown, but I have no idea which one. I believe the fuse location is in the fuse holder located in the rear of the parcel tray. Does anyone out there know anything about this problem. Since the only place that I had touched was the items and wires that surrounded the cd changer in the boot I double checked all of the wires and connectors, but I could not find anything amiss.

It is beginning to look as if it a visit to the Jaguar Dealer in order to get it sorted.

Many Thanks...............Billyboy

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