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  3. A very good day to all members. I am seeking some guidance I have a 2006 S Type R with an air con problem, I recently tried to have the system re charged but with no joy evidently the system held a charge but no cold air so the garage chap plugged in his fault finder which came up with something about a fault with the "Gate" . I have spoken to the chap who normally looks after my beloved car and he has said that the unit its self would cost around £800 and he would have to take the whole dash out, so it appears to be a very costly repair. I would be truly grateful to any members to share their thoughts, is a second hand unit a possibility for instance. I do thank you in advance for any thoughts in this matter, My kind regards, Kgb.
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  5. My 2015 Portfolio 3.0 has it. Ughhh!!
  6. Thanks, for the welcome. The battery is low when the warning goes on. Usually drops from around 13 volts to under 12 when warning occurs. If another day goes by car won’t turn over. Jag, says battery is good and draw is normal. Taking it in for them to keep for a few days to see if they can find something but thought I’d see if anyone else experienced similar.
  7. I had this issue when I first bought the motor last year, found out it had be fitted with HID kit after failing its mot for not having the correct bulbs for the headlight casing. Basically it was a voltage problem on start up, back on standard bulbs now and all ok.
  8. quality spot on with mine, no rattles or squeaks, best motor I've had, but I think mine has had a prang at some point in its life as the steering wheel jag emblem is dented, so I'm assuming the air bag has gone off at some point!!
  9. Had it, ignored it. But I was also experiencing headlight bulbs blowing alternately at the time. Reverted to standard bulbs not had either issue since
  10. Welcome to the club, Tim. There are several experts in that field in the club who will be helpful when they see your post. Let us know how you get on. Regards, Peter.
  11. Hi Guys Tim here from New Zealand. I have just purchased an imported 2006 2.1L X-Type Wagon from Japan. Does anyone have any knowledge with removing the touchscreen/Nav and downgrading to the basic audio and climate setup? The latest maps that are available are too out of date, the TV will not work as we have gone digital and there is no Bluetooth. Thanks in advance Tim
  12. Redundancy forces the sale of my near perfect S Type R, brought off a friend and I have owned for 4 years. She is immaculate and unmarked inside and outside, being the end of the run, she has the 19”” alloys with continental sport tyres all round, carbon interior, two tone grey leather, most importantly, she has full Jaguar dealer service history. As expected runs like a dream. More photos on request. £8999 for a quick sale Steve 07775234602
  13. Welcome to the Club, Vincent.
  14. Welcome to the club, Doug. If the garage can't find the problem it must be a simple one! Is the battery low on power when the message says so? Have you done a lot of stop and start runs or is there something in the car switched on overnight? The latter has been known. Regards, Peter.
  15. Welcome to the Club, Vincent. You will certainly enjoy the Jaguar experience. I hope you will enjoy the Club as much. I still enjoy my trips to Merseyside too. Regards, Peter.
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  17. I just bought a 2016 F-Type R. The battery constantly gives a low battery warning every other day. It’s been to Jaguar 3 times in two weeks and they can’t find out why. Anyone had a similar experience?
  18. Hi Paul took the cdc out again today and found the flexi tape between the cdc player and the box at the rear was torn searched e bay and found the part so its a waiting game till the part comes thanks again for reply will post again when i refit the unit Ian
  19. Hi Just a heads up just bought a xf 2010 v6 diesel Am in the process of checking it over have just replaced the locking wheel nuts with standard wheel nuts as the locking nuts were getting corroded rusty Had to do the same on my Honda accord last year and they were a bugger to get off have put on a photo of the offending nuts the xf. Is coming up to 10 years olds it's worth checking if your car is older also Checked all remaining wheel nuts cleaned off and greased them and set to correct torque as I would not have been able to release them with the jag wheel brace all wheel nuts were over tightened Hope this helps
  20. Hi all an New member 59 at v6 well pleased with my purchase
  21. now! you see that is interesting Peter and hope the hand heals ok for you. My mechanic couldn't rub it out for some reason the scanner couldn't see it to rub it out. Ill keep trying anyway and ill let you all know if there is something else going on here Cheers Neal
  22. I have used this fix about 5 times and it always works. But when the car has just had a service I think that the system is getting things wrong. I won't be driving much in the next few days due to a damaged left hand which is now in a splint, but my mechanic is fitting a new wing mirror on the 26th and he will use his scanner to rub it out. Peter.
  23. The top Jaguar E-Type specialist Eagle celebrates three important milestones in its history: this year, the company whose own heritage has developed alongside that of arguably the most famous British sportscar of all time, the Jaguar E-Type, is 35 years old; the model for which Eagle is most famous, the Eagle E-Type, is a quarter of a century; and the Eagle Speedster, first of the Special Editions, has been crafted for a decade With perfection as the ultimate goal for every single E-Type rebuild commission that the British company has undertaken, Eagle was born in 1984 to redefine the concept of restoration but also, in time, created its own legend by developing bespoke E-Types. The Eagle E-Type is infused with Eagle’s unique obsession for detail, cleverly weaving modern upgrades into the fabric of original E-Types, each built to blend perfectly with its individual owner’s vision. In the process of restoring, rebuilding and reliving the E-Type dream, in fittingly British rural surroundings and combining tradition with sophisticated technology, the company has also gained and nurtured passionate and knowledgeable clients, whose aspirations are equal to their expectations. This symbiotic relationship pushed Eagle’s E-Types into further raising the bar: “we received a request for something even more exclusive, an individual design and engineering feat still paying homage to the original legend, resulting in the first of the Eagle E-Type Special Editions, the Eagle Speedster (n.1),” says Technical Director Paul Brace. In the words of Jeremy Clarkson (BBC Top Gear), “the most beautiful car I have ever seen” was born. The Speedster is another important milestone in the history of Eagle and celebrates its tenth birthday this year. Predictably, Goodwood was chosen for the triple celebration. Owners of commissioned Eagle E-types from all over the globe and other special guests were invited to a three-day feat of sunshine and a triumph of Eagle display, from Eagle E-Types to Speedsters, Low Drag GTs and the latest variation, the Eagle Spyder GT. “It had to be Goodwood,” muses Eagle founder and E-Type rally-winner Henry Pearman; “There isn’t another venue to compete with a place which is so steeped in racing and automotive tradition. We very much feel we belong to the heritage of Jaguar and its E-Type, as we carefully handle precious pieces of the marque’s history and bring them back to life. Our customers are part of the same Eagle family, and enjoy a special connection, which was most evident at the anniversary celebrations. Thirty-five years of exclusive achievements were honoured with those who share our commitment and passion.” “The E-Type” publication catches the spirit of the celebrations perfectly: “Eagle have taken the E-type narrative to another level and kept that great story alive, adding another few chapters. With an inspired combination of fine engineering and stunning design, they have evolved and expanded the E-type range for the modern age. Cleverly, they have shown respect for the originals …. but pushed the boundaries while avoiding conflicting with the heritage. One instinctively feels Bill Heynes, Bob Knight and Malcolm Sayer would have been thrilled to know their creations were being treated with such loving respect and evolved with sensitivity, integrity and style.”
  24. thats all well and good Peter but i like things to work properly so when it comes on again i know it needs a service I think you should try this fix if not just to see if it works for you Neal
  25. Believe it or not this has just happened to me! My plan to get rid of it is "I can't be bothered". I did have a full service three weeks ago, so it is lying. Peter.
  26. OK i've tried it my! My mechanic has tried it! and its so frustrating, so I guess from the previous comment ill keep trying then. Thank for the reply Amanda & Peter will let you know how many attempts or you may not hear from me at all as ill still be in the car! Cheers
  27. Hi Patrick....welcome to the Club Which part of Germany did you tour ?
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