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  3. Release the centre seat belt clip with a small precision screwdriver Release the rear seats to fold down Unclip the trim, buttons x 3 holding the parcel shelf Carefully remove the plastic trim cover from the seat latch Lift up the parcel shelf, it is located with clips NOTE.. If a rear parcel blind is installed, remove the 3 nuts securing it from inside the boot before trim removal Pull the shelf towards the front of the car. Unclip any electrical connectors for speakers and third brake light Carry out repair / replacement Install in reverse order Hope this helps
  4. My jag s type has a flat battery, can i recharge this in the boot whilst it is still connected please?
  5. Welcome to the club, Graham. An XJS is such a good condition and with such a good history should make a very good price, and I would not consider an auction unless it was organised by a classic car club. I would be inclined to take the car to somewhere where Jaguar Owners and enthusiasts attend, such as the monthly breakfast meet at the Gaydon Museum, or some other similar event such as the Coventry Jaguar even on the 29th June. I would not immediately ask for a price, but putting up a car with its history details on the windscreen and a For Sale Card on the windscreen should attract a good price. At a guess, an XJS/Classic Car enthusiast should offer a good price and over the £20k mark. Good luck, Regards, Peter.
  6. Welcome to the club, John. I had the same problem las week, after we had a period of cold weather. The snowflake remained on the dashboard when it was getting quite warm, I had heard that some diesel engines stay warm for a much longer period than petrol engines, so I assumed they would also stay colder longer. As I had not used my car for a couple of days I guessed that it might rectify itself and as I was going on a drive that would take half an hour each way I thought I would do nothing. The snowflake disappeared and the temperature rectified before the half hour on the outward journey was up. It could have been the Webasto Auxiliary heater not coming on that was the problem, and putting the fuse back is worth trying. Regards, Peter.
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  8. Hello. My 2007 XS diesel showed a temperature reading on the small LCD screen of 0 degrees and the snowflake was on the dash when it was 20 degrees outside. I disconnected the sensor and it showed 10 degrees on the LCD with no sensor fitted and stayed at that. Thinking it was the sensor I purchased a used one from eBay that was said to work. I installed that but the temperature still reads 10 degrees, (and its a warm day!) Assuming the “new” one is OK can anyone tell me what the problem may be? I have checked the ohms reading on both sensors across the two pins and they both are showing around 31 ohms. Is that a good reading or are they both duff? Incidentally I have removed the fuse for the Webasto heater to stop that coming on. Could that affect things? Any help appreciated. Cheers, John
  9. Premium Members can get 10% discount on marked Prices (not sale items)
  10. Hi. I am new to this forum and looking for some advice. I have a Jaguar XJS 4.00 Celebration Coupe Registered on 1-1-96. It was given to me by my step father, before he died, who bought it from new. The car is in extremely good condition, ice blue in colour and has only 14,134 miles on the clock - it is pretty much in original condition, has been garaged every winter since 1996, and has had regular MOT,s. It has been used sparingly in the summer months. Sadly because it is not being used I am looking to sell it and the advice I am seeking is: How much, realistically should I ask for it, should I sell it online, at an auction, or should I take it to a Jaguar Enthusiasts Show for people to see it. I have not advertised it for sale yet and your advice would be very welcome. Thank you. Graham
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  12. Hi All ! I'm Paul , new to Jaguar ownership, Owned my 2011 Jaguar XF S ( luxury premium ) 3ltr diesel for around 6 mth's now , and enjoyed every minute .
  13. If you lift the red flap, there is another red cover underneath it.

    If you lift this second cap, there is a metal stud. I think this is for a positive connection to the battery, for charging and use of jump leads.

    There is a negative stud on the top of the suspension turret.

    This is my understanding, but if I am wrong, someone please let me know, so that I don't do any damage in later life!

  14. Hi I am Looking for a X-type mini disc head unit for my 2004 2.0 D can anyone help
  15. Thank you Joe I did think it may have been a fuse box but did not want to go opening anything with the risk of breaking something. I have only had the car for 2 weeks and am a bit dubious of pulling apart something that isn't broken......I've done it before and broke it lol I could not see it in the handbook, perhaps I skipped a page or something


    Hi Theres a flap on the ignition switch that can stick most people just give a quick sqirt of wd40 which cures it cheers Joe
  17. hi pull the red cover, it should lift and open looks like engine bay fusebox it will also show you in the handbook cheers Joe
  18. hi on the lower bulkhead, easiest way is to go to the dpf, it will have two small pipes for differential pressure, follow them to the bulk head cheers Joe
  19. hi paul i am going to be doing the sat nav upgrade i have the head unit the sat nav  and every thing else i need apart from the wiring loom that goes from the head unit to the boot.the the head unit and sat nav came with  the plugs they just cut the wires so can you let me have the how to on making up the loom it would be very   appreciated thank you  

  20. Can anyone tell me what the small battery looking thing is on the left hand side, with the large red + cover is please ? I'm stumped, and maybe stupid.
  21. i have a 58 plate facelift xtype 2.0L tdci. can anyone tell me where the DPFE SENSOR is situated in the engine bay please
  22. Hayhow


    Hello, I have a Jaguar S type 2001 V6 petrol. When i insert key to ignition barrel I dont always hear the buzz noise, after a few trys it buzzes and starts with no problem. Could someone help the cause of this and what i should replace. The battery is new. Thanks
  23. Hayhow


    Hello, I have a Jaguar S type 2001 V6 petrol. When i insert key to ignition barrel I dont always hear the buzz noise, after a few trys it buzzes and starts with no problem. Could someone help the cause of this and what i should replace. The battery is new. Thanks
  24. Can anyone advise me on an issue I have regarding my satnav. The issue is when I go to the satnav there is a button saying sign in to account I enter my details then a window pop up that says there is an error our end. How do I contact them or do I really need to login.
  25. Can anyone help me with how I remove a rear parcel shelf speaker so I can fit a replacement? It's on a 2010 Jaguar XF 3.0 V6 S Portfolio Deisel. Thanks
  26. I just wish I could get in front of the jobsworth who ruined one of the best roads in the south - A24 Mickleham Bends, now has average speed cameras!
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