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    Hi All Jaguar Meet at RAF cosford today Good day out, stayed dry at least, great selection of Jaguars took some pics and made a slideshow Cheers Joe
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    Thank you Joe, for your video and it seems to have been a great day out and with plenty of jaguars on show. Regards Tom.
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    Hi All Went to Festival of 1000 Classic Cars & Classic Motorcycle Show, Hosted by Cholmondeley Castle today. took some photo's and made a slide show, thought I would post it up great day and great weather today, plenty of cars to look at. cheers Joe
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    85 in a few weeks -- I hope to finish successfully my IAM course before I am 86. Peter.
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    hi usually valve stem seals, did you use genuine jaguar ones, some after market ones are really poor quality could also be the crankcase pcv, it controls the pressure in the crankcase, they stick as they get old and cause the pressure to rise in the engine case and cause oil to be pushed past the piston ring and smoke its on the left side of the engine and is like a round disc this is a common problem on higher miles cars cheers Joe
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    It sounds more like a situation of debris or uneven surface on the runners which would automatically bounce down the windows as though there is an obstruction. I have got round this in the past by spraying Silicon spray into the guide runners which the glass runs up and down and this has cured it.
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    I just found this; https://www.jaguarforums.com/forum/xf-xfr-x250-44/interior-lighting-possessed-163914/ may be something of an answer..?
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    Thank you so much Peter. The DVLA/Gov records just said Silver. After a bit of research I discovered that you can ask Jaguar Heritage a "research question" on a car for £5. I did this and they replied within a day with the exact colour from the build sheet. It was Satin Silver, as I hoped, and we have now bought the car. Yay!
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    Hi Jon, I’m afraid I can’t really help, but weirdly I had exactly that happen to me yesterday in my 2011 XF. It was daytime so not a serious issue, but it’s never happened before (that I’ve noticed) and I’d just seen this post earlier. I’ll keep an eye on it and see if it persists. I really am no expert so I can only hazard a guess, but as it was the first decently warm day this year, maybe a sensor or something is expanding with age and heat possibly. Hope someone on here has experienced (and fixed) this! cheers Ian
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    There are some who remember this aeroplane --- it was very useful in WW2, and it had a unique exhaust system. Other aircraft's exhaust systens flamed when the engine started, which did not help at night. This aircraft had an exhaust that did not flame. The designer of this exhaust system was a young engineer name Malcolm Sayer, who some years later modified the Jagaur XK 120, [the C type] and the XK 140 [the D Type], both great racing cars, and who designed the car described as "the most beautiful car I have ever seen" and that was from Enzo Ferrari. Malcolm Sayer was asked by Bill Lyons to design a successor for the D type, and did so. The E type shown is being drivenby Mary Sayer, the youngest daughter of Malcolm.
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    This is a good place to start, I did the same when I got mine although she wasn't as bad as yours by the sounds of it! Do a full service including oil and filters if you like and want to keep her 😉 PS. You're probably aware the inlet manifold needs to come off to access one bank of cylinders. Get gaskets for this and give everything a clean and lube while you're in there 👍
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    Thanks for that Joe really enjoyed slide show some really great shots with lots of Jaguar's ---I cant go far now because of health reasons so really appreciate the photo's . Frank
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    Well you certainly had the right weather for it Joe Looks like a great event
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    Did some long distance motorway driving last week. Couldn’t believe it when the car returned 51 mpg. The hub must have been sticking for last few years - no play at all in it, just an intermittent squeak.
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    Hi all, Thank you all for allowing me to join. I surprised my wife with a 1991 Vanden Plas on her birthday, it was the exact model and year that she wanted. This is a new experience for me as I've never owned a jaguar before(I've never owned anything in my life but Fords) and I dont know much about the Jaguar brand. Being a gearhead and my own mechanic I am eager to learn anything and everything about this car so I can show it the proper love and care that it deserves. Thank you for allowing me to join this page and access the years of experience and knowledge within it. I am certain it will be a major help in this journey. Starting with the wiring issues that are driving me insane.
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    HI Guys I am very reluctantly selling my Big Cat . I have a new BMW arriving this coming Thursday . I have owned the car for 3 and a half years . The Full History is with the car , it has recently had a Major Service , New Discs and Pads fitted all round , Alloys refurbished , New Tyres , Both EGR valves have been replaced , DPF , the car has wanted for nothing . The Automatic Gearbox has been serviced also it drives as smooth as silk. I have a Huge dossier of all the history and All work done .plus all MOT'S , THE CURRENT MOT IS 8TH October 2019 As is the Car Tax which will be refunded to me on Sale . It has HID lighting , all LED lighting throughout the car Cree Lighting ., it also has Laser lights which Project the Jaguar logo when opening the doors . It has every conceivable extra . I have loved the car , and it will be heart wrenching to see her go Really. Electric mirrors , Sat Navigation , touchscreen , 6 cd changer , Electric everything , Full Leather interior .The list goes on and on , Too much to List !! the mileage is 112,000 which is as you know nothing for these cars . It is in Silver and looks Amazing . and She drives just like the day it was made REALLY. It get washed and polished every week , I am asking for £2800 which is an absolute BARGAIN !!!! I don't really want to give the car to the dealer as a part exchange ,THIS REALLY IS A GENUINE CAR I would sooner she go to a JAGUAR LOVER . I am a Genuine Person .THE FIRST TO SEE WILL BITE MY HAND OFF !!! THATS BEFORE YOU EVEN DRIVE HER . ANY TRIAL WHATSOEVER , AA / RAC or your own Mechanic can go ALL OVER THE CAR . Everything has been done on this car . DONT MISS OUT ON THIS ONE REALLY !!!!!! .IF YOU ARE INTERESTED PLEASE GET IN TOUCH ASAP , AS MY NEW CAR ARRIVES THURSDAY OR FRIDAY .!!!! 07534999108. or home 0151-480-1543 I have only advertised the car on this forum to give All Jaguar Lovers the chance to own Her. Thank You for looking My Kindest Regards PS ..DONT MISS THIS CAR !!!! Mally. .
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    I've just dropped my car off at The Wheel Specialists, and thought I'd check to see if they are on the discount list - and they are. I gave them a quick call and got a very worthwhile 15% off 🙂 So lamenting the empty space in my garage has been somewhat diminished (but not entirely) by the saving of £50!
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    And there's me, feeling ancient, at 63!
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    When I passed my test hand signals were obligatory. Think of a dull day in November in a mini with sliding windows.
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    Quick update - this turned out to be a broken connector that Jaguar wanted £800 to replace the rear window, but I was able to solder in 10 mins at zero cost!
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    Hi Marcus, I believe the dashboard layout and most options have remained pretty stable over the life of the earlier XFs. There should be an option in the 'Vehicle' menu on the touchscreen 'Home' page to enable power folding of the mirrors. There should also be an option to drop down the nearside mirror when reversing, to better see the curb. The amount by which it drops down is also configurable, but that's something I haven't yet tried! As for right/left temperature split, there's a 'Sync' option somewhere on the 'Climate' menu on the touchscreen. This needs to be deselected to enable the left/right split. Once that's done, the pairs of up/down buttons in the righhand bottom cornet of the panel should allow driver and passenger to choose their own temperatures. Hope that helps! Cheers, Jon
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    Thanks for the welcome message.
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    I love my 2001 3.0 S Type sport! I know the main reason for these forums is to find answers to problems. But let's not focus on the negatives. Stand up and be proud. So who else loves their Jag???
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    Hi Peter, I know the clue is in your Nom de plume but "trafficator"!!!!, you're really starting to show your age now my friend! Mike
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    Too true, Ron. I find that leaving fog lights on when not necessary is as disconcerting a seeing a trafficator on when the driver is obviously not going to make a turn. Just careless driving. Peter.
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    Why would you buy a diesel? Well because in the 21st century they're Damn near as fast, 0-60 in 5.9 seconds and limited to 155mph, better on fuel, cheaper on tax, more reliable and on a real road on a real day will eat an S-type for breakfast. And I swapped a V8 S-type for my XF
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    I'm guessing the Mrs can't see this?! Haha
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    Superb car love it to bits, had the car for 10 months and wish I tried Jaguars before the only down side is the cost of fuel when I finish work on lates (12.30 in the morning) the motorways are fairly quiet so i tend to go for a spin, I live about 1.5 mile from work this tends to end up at a 50 mile journey!

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