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    My 2003 4.2 litre does the same and I'm the original owner and have never had any problems due to the sound in 16 years.
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    Ok. Very good 😁 But seriously, any thoughts?
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    I was sort of wondering thst also 🙂. Oops just noticed ... there's a photo in my first post thst shows my reg. How do I edit my first post?
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    Hi Terry, Totally understand what you're saying about Mercedes vs. Jaguar! I recently retired at 62 after years and years of various company cars (was a shock to have to tax and insure a car for the first time in decades!). Was originally considering a C Class, but had always had a hankering for an XF. Tried both, in various guises, but the XF won hands-down! I think the word we're looking for is 'soul'. MB cars are efficient and tidy, but I've yet to find one with the grin factor of my XF. I know the XF is a few years old (2011) but to get the same fun from a Mercedes (or Audi, BMW, et al) would have blown my budget. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I am mine! Cheers, Jon
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    I'm not a fan of bumper stickers but this one does send a direct message don't ya think?
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    Hello All, Many years ago (Mid 70's) one of my friends asked me to drive the bridesmaid car for a wedding him and his dad had offered to do for someone as he owned two nice cars. This was the first time I drove a Jag and an automatic to boot since then I have always hankered after owning a Jag. So after many years of owning cheap cars I finally bit the bullet and bought a secondhand XF Sportbrake 2013 and what a fantastic car it is. Still getting used to automatic and trying hard not to go for the gear change especially when approaching a roundabout! Have already used the forums to help with an issue installing Sat Nav update so will put a post on there with my helpful hint. Looking forward to many miles in the make of vehicle I have always wanted.
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    gary, find a good auto election who will be able to trace what the problem is...
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    hello All. Just picked up a 2016 Model XF Prestige 2.0D Auto. Very impressed so far and looking forward to days out in the Summer in South and West Wales.
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    yes frank that's great to know as I keep a check on mine being on a 2004 plate, but I think one day they will need to be done and as you say both sides. as for the cost that's good, plus its keeping the jag on the road. 👍
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    Thank you David for your comments. Yes it's good to get it through the Mot for another year. The garage that services it has just started offering the Mot service so i thought it would be better to have them carry out the Mot because they know the car and partly because off the new Mot rules.
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    Running sweet as a nut again.
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    Well it updated and finished 100% but after turning the car off and leaving till next morning I now have a very sluggish satnav and no postcode option anymore also takes ages between button presses and a message comes up and saying "unable to perform the request Please try again" after pressing the Pick from Map Option". Anybody got any ideas?
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    Don't worry. There are numerous businesses in the EU that can supply You with a subframe. Some more expensive than the others. Replacing the subframe is quite a simple job actually if You have the tools and the facility. Prices for a bare subframe vary between 1500£ to around 300£. They are available from the U.S. as well, Lithuania, Estonia, Netherlands, even from the U.K. If Your car failed the MoT then You need to find a replacement subframe. As You know the subframe is not 'supposed' to be repaired/welded, hence many scrap the complete car, which is so wrong...... (The subframe should ALWAYS be inspected before going to the MoT. After a failure You need to find a good replacement subframe). Search the internet. You will find one..... or three....... part number XR813273 is superceded by three more numbers, but start with that original part number. BR, vp

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