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    I just let my 2003 go after 12 years - I should have perhaps taken more care but overall a fantastic car, lovely and understated but with the oomf when required
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    Possibly overheating....is it Xenon?
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    Hi thanks yes it is just had it a few weeks now it’s nice to get back to a supercharged jag 😀I’ve missed it The car has only done 76000 and the previous owner had a pioneer radio conversation with apple car I play with Bluetooth as well Kevin
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    Hi Nigel Hope you have overcome your starting problem, but if you haven't, I had the same thing with my 1998 XJ8. After about two years of starting in neutral, I had a service and the mechanic found that the gear selector coupling was dry. Simply greasing the joint cured the problem completely. I believe the joint can be found close to the front end of the gear box. Good luck. best not to use WD40 it's not a good lubricant.
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    Hi Roger, Try Just Jags.com Cheers Rod
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    Hi Allan, I use the Wynns Gold Diesel treatment (from Halfrauds), I add it roughly every 4 fills, I use Shell V Power and have never had and DPF or EGR issues in 40'000 miles, my car purrs smoothly and cleanly. Just my 2 penneth. Dom
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    Hi Jon, Millers Oils is what it says on the bottle! And Allan, the terra clean did improve the fuel system, but keeping it clean I use Shell V power and Millers ECO Plus Diesel. The EGR valves [there are two on the v6 engine] have the habit of getting sticky and a bit dirty, and Millers ECO plus diesel will clean them up, but eventually you may have to replace them, which I did a few months ago [£420]. Your friend had checked the engine fault and you appear to have a fault code P4020 which is EGR Fault. The additive could cure it . I would not bother going back to the main dealer as the problem is not with the DPF, and they will charge about £70 just to tell you that. Regards, Peter. [Some years ago when I joined the club there was another member posting called Peter. - He was younger the me!]
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    HI, I have found that Miller's Diesel Eco-Max, along with using premium diesel has transformed my XF-S 3.0D since I bought it last October. Quieter, more responsive, more economical! I occasionally do a very long trip to Ireland, but apart from that, short local trips. In the 10K miles I've done, I've only had one "Regen Needed" message; quick blast around (a bit of) the M25 and it went away. Obviously, I don't know if that would have been different if I didn't go for premium diesel and the Miller's, but for a car that's lucky to do 100 miles a week, apart from a long one every couple of months, together with all the DPF problems I read about, there must be something in it! I'm no expert on the relative merits of one additive over another, but for the future, I'll stick with Miller's. Just wish I knew if it's Miller's or Millers 🙂 Cheers, Jon
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    not necessarily, i used to have an s-type with engine light on periodically. It was the DPF and after using millers it kept the light off. We used the same stuff to maintain octane when we drove our Navara to mongolia. If you fill up with diesel in mongolia the engine sounds like a bag of spanners Yes there is a lot of snake oil around but some stuff works.
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    Wow! Thanks Bill! That explains it then! Wouldn't it be great if there was a list of stuff that our cars do for us, but that aren't in the manual! Seems that every month, I learn something new! Cheers Jon
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    interesting, I did not know that Bill thank you.

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