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    HI The gearboxes are rebuild able and repairable first step would be get codes read with Jaguar ids/sdd software to see what fault is and go from there could be a sticky solenoid in the gearbox to something as simple as a abs sensor, or even a air leak on the engine cheers Joe
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    Hi Jane, Carl' number is 07866 986243. He is on holiday at the moment, but you can leave a message on his phone. Regards, Peter.
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    Or one of these: Bluedriver And the free app on your phone. Very handy bit of kit for me..
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    Welcome pack received, Thank you. Now time to sort insurance
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    Hi Alan, and welcome to the club. Carl is based in Erdington and I am unsure how far away he goes. His number is 07866 986243 and mention my name. He is a real expert on cars of every description and has looked after my cars for 17 years, Rovers and Jaguars as well as my son's Jaguar. Let me know how your get on, as if you are too far away, perhaps you and I come organise something. Regards, Peter.
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    hi if you google it theres lots of info on it [Diagnostic Screen Access] 1.With the vehicle at rest, place the ignition switch in either "ACC", "ON", or start the engine. 2.On the "Menu" screen, press the top center of the screen (circled portion in the image to the left) for more than three seconds. 3.Enter the PIN code, and then touch "OK". 660: Diagnosis Menu screen 661: System Check screen (DTC code verification screen) 662: GPS Information screen 4.The diagnostics screen will be displayed.2. DIAGNOSIS SCREEN 2.1 Diagnosis Menu ? Transition to various check screens from the Diagnosis menu screen. cheers Joe

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