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    One of the first things I did was source another alloy wheel and relegate the spacesaver to the shed.
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    My Sportbrake 2.0 D (180 bhp) can easily reach at least 55 mpg on the trip to Brussels (350 miles). By the way Jaguar Ingenium engines with DPF and DEF (AdBlue) are very clean.
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    peter...well done you ! great to see that you don't mind having a go fixing things, plus it saves loads of money in the long run too, I also have the same code reader, great little machine. enjoy your rewards when driving now that you've done the fix.
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    My one does it sparadicaly. Usually caused by my sausage fingers just pressing 2 buttons accidentally on the remote. Sometimes when locking the car my sausage thumb turns the headlights on.

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