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    Spray around the air intake path in stages from air filter box to inlet manifold / cylinder head with Bradex Easy Start. If the engine idle speed changes you have found your leak.
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    hi I would not chance it because all the loads goes through the body module which switches the lights on and off if your handy with car wiring, you could install 2 relays, that have a separate 12v supply, then you can install any wattage you want
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    I will check with the garage on Wednesday to see what they did for the service & I will mention your comments about the EGR valve. I am currently on about 50k mileage. Thanks for your advice and I will post an update after the garage has taken a look.
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    After just having a Service & MOT. I have booked my car in for a check on the 21/08/19. I will post an update the following day.
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    The hose on the air flow meter is burst?
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    Welcome to the Club, John. Thomas has made a good suggestion, I had a faulty wing mirror on my s type. A replacement would cost £286, eBay had one for £27.90, All is now well. Let us know how it goes. Regards, Peter.
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    You may find it's the guage it's self that's at fault experienced same problem the solution was to replace entire binical with a secondhand unit around £40 from ebay and another 40 to have correct milage reset a lot heaper fix

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