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    Hi All Jaguar Meet at RAF cosford today Good day out, stayed dry at least, great selection of Jaguars took some pics and made a slideshow Cheers Joe
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    Thanks for the instructions to find it as well 🙂 - setting off at 7 in the morning - best make sure WAZE is on my phone and not in the cloud!!
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    Peter, Jon & other members posting about xf dpf difficulties, Thanks for the welcome, the advice & encouragement. I will get the named additives the forum suggests may help & try to move to the best fuel & follow the journey instruction but this time on a proper motorway without regular traffic lights. Hopefully, in due course, I can confirm positively that all is well. The XF is not part of the inner family yet. It may well be a much better car than the jags we had which are, fondly recalled, rightly or wrongly? Not a stranger to jags. From 1957, I have driven but not owned an xk120, mk 5,6 & 9. Then 1960 to 1970 we owned 2.4, 3.4, Original S type, mk10, then an e type. No jags then for years till mid 90's when we started with jags again getting 2 xj 6, then 3 xj8 Lwb, one after the other every few years, all mistral blue and, no one seemed to realise the reg no kept changing. Had an x type at the same tume as the last 2 xj8's which I liked a lot but, my wife would not sit in at any time. That left the family in 2018. I thought Jag did a great job of squeezing a big car shape into a Small car and still keep some lines. Favourites, the Mk9 & the most recent XJ8 which had a gas conversion. So exciting visiting a fuel stop, it was like getting something free from the government. I liked what I had so much that I used to look at all big jags after 93 and say, never! The Mk 9's & the XJ8's both had a line. The XJ8 is sadly missed by us both. The degree of comfort is not in an Xf I only had the Xf since 10/19, not been on a motorway & only filled the tank 3 times. Only doing 2 town miles per day & 12 each Sat & Sun. Not surprising I have problems, I can hear everyone's thoughts. Would I like to go back to any old favourite? Probably I would miss the gadgets so, No. But I would still like to keep saying the previous cars were better! Finally, I would like to make mention that I have a couple of ELN 327, a cable one and a cordless one, wifi I think. I have several freebie software apps & one full version which I used to subscribe to but let it lapse as I had no time to play. I could go for a new app suitable to manage an xf if anyone has already suggested one on the forum. Hoping to be a regular reader. Thanks again, Vincent
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    Hi Jon, I was plagued with this issue during the last six months of the XF warranty. The agents were good enough to show me how to drain the fuel / water separator, which was a very easy job to do. (several times a week), It was obvious there was no water in the diesel. Six months down the line, with the warranty just expired, they diagnosed a faulty sensor, and replaced the filter unit, charging me £100+ Quite annoying ! In answer to your question, yes you can do it yourself.
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    Check the battery or replace could be 6 or 7 year old and not up to full power ???
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    Fitch Autos (RAC approved garage & DPF specialists) Unit 5, Fitch autos ltd Industrial estate 6 Chase Road Brownhills Walsall WS8 6JT This place that fixed mine were brilliant. Very knowledgeable about DPF's and saved me £3990.00. I am still in discussion with JLR over there diagnostic equipmnet and or Technicians. They are still claiming the technicians did what the equipment told them to do. My arguement is that regardless what the equipmnet said, the DPF did not need replacing. Had the technicians had deeper knowledge they could of done the further checks etc. I have since been told the DPF's are only about £2000.00 to jag but they doubled the price!! regards Gareth
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    Happy new year Joe ---your help and info through the year is a credit to you and I think we all thank you very much . Frank
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    Thank you. Great to be here! 😉 🙂
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    Hi Think thats walnut burr, cant tell properly as you cant click on the pictures it was a optional extra, hence why you don't see them very often its down to every ones taste really, I don't like the wood really, very old fashioned, maybe grow on me when I'm a pensioner prefer the R's myself, with no chrome and no wood in mine the seats are quite easy to restore, plenty of video's on youtube cheers Joe
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    Good morning, I have 2015 XF Portfolio and the reception on DAB has gone a bit flaky. I've seen in the handbook that it advises electronic devices stored near the boot lid can affect this as the aerial in located there, but cannot find anything that looks like an aerial cable within the boot lid. Any suggestions or advice would be most welcome. At moment just looking to check connections as wife has habit of slamming it shut. Thanks
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    After a catalogue of misfortunes yesterday, driving home i got diverted due an accident... Followed the Sat Nav, ended up in what can only be described as a 'Raging Torrent' after driving into a Ford that had turned into rapids due to the adverse weather.... Did i see it? Nope... Dark, single lane country road, concentrating on looking for standing water... Well... i found it... Re creating the famous 'OLIVER!!!' scene from Top Gear, it hit the water, floated, got pushed into a low slung wall and sat there for near on an hour before one of our neighbours arrived to tow me out... So.. The ignition still comes on... Turned over - so it looks like she has not sucked any water into the engine Water level came up to the driver seat base and we have managed to get the majority of it all out, however until i get it recovered when dawn breaks, i am unsure of any other issues. Interior will need to come out regardless, luckily i have modules available that are under the carpets if indeed i am extremely lucky, but with that amount of water it looks like i will be saying farewell to a car that i waited 30 years to own... 😞 Insurance company reckon that as the water didn't come up to the instrument cluster (??) then its generated a 'Repair' recommendation but i am pretty sure its toast... Any thoughts on what i should do? Cut loose and lick my wounds, try and find another with the same spec or try and dry it out and get her back on the road?
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    Hi Richard, My XF-S (2011, bought a year ago) arrived with Chinese 'Triangle' branded tyres, which were truly 'interesting' in the wet. Quickly swapped for a set of Pirelli P-Zeros (255/35-20), car was transformed! Good luck with your search, mine were roughly £200 a corner at Quik-Fit, plus a few £££s for tracking adjustment. Next job is to get the wheels refurbished, but the plastic 'blades (5 needed per wheel) seem to be incredibly expensive! Cheers, Jon
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    Either hoses or ABS issue (valve holding on that particular circuit/channel)
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    I’m quietly considering selling my 2010 XKR 75 if I can get a sensible price. 60K miles. 2 owners both in same family. FSH. MOT until Oct 2020. New rear tyres. Never had any mechanical problems, has had some cosmetic repairs to bumper scuffs and the like. Wheels need refurbishment. I though this forum might be a good place to start, where the rarity and collectors value of this car will be appreciated. Only 25 RHD examples were produced. More power, suspension upgrades and unique badging. If anyone is interested please DM me and I will supply further details and pics. Offers welcome. Reason for sale is a growing family!
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    Welcome to the Cub, Nick. With that mileage/driving profile you should have no trouble with the DPF in a Diesel.
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    Welcome to the club, Stephen, It's a pity there wasn't a car attached to it! At a guess, I would place it in the early sixties, and again at a guess, I think you are right about the Sovereign . You might get some one who would like it. Regards, Peter. !7th March whatever year you want!
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    Hi Johnny, I have the same problem on my X Type. Sometimes it goes off after starting but sometimes stays on until I turn off the ignition at end of journey. Not noticed it coming on during journey. Passed mot recently. Cheers Rod
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    I also had a restricted performance warning light for over a year. I went to Jaguar dealer 3 separate times, spent over $450 and they could not find what was wrong with it. After reading some posts on this forum last year, checked my battery and it had low voltage. I bought a new battery and BINGO, never had another problem with the restricted performance warning light, since last February, when I installed the new battery.
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    Thanks so much with feedback etc regarding my leaper, I will correct it’s position and see how I feel in a week or two whether I remove it or not. So pleased with it so comfy and smooth......
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    Heres my checklist..... Damp carpets, this is caused by blocked duckbill drain behind the dash (very expensive to fix). Check under the mats for damp patches under the dash. Make sure it has good service history and normal MOT history. Check the rear windows are secure as the brackets can break. Make sure theres no supercharger or belt noise at startup from cold. Check for warnings on the info screen relating to any problems.
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    Hi Collected the car this afternoon and up to now.....the new turbo actuator has cleared the problem. He tells me the reason gearbox fault message appears is because the car thinks there is an issue with the torque selector as the car will not go in to top gear, however this is because the car is in limp mode. On EBay they are around £80 he has charged me with labour £150 So anyone with similar issues may want to try this first and expect to pay around this amount Hope this may help
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    hi I would not chance it because all the loads goes through the body module which switches the lights on and off if your handy with car wiring, you could install 2 relays, that have a separate 12v supply, then you can install any wattage you want
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    The hose on the air flow meter is burst?
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    You may find it's the guage it's self that's at fault experienced same problem the solution was to replace entire binical with a secondhand unit around £40 from ebay and another 40 to have correct milage reset a lot heaper fix
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    Hello Duncan, and welcome to the Club! The XKs are indeed pretty reliable. My advice would be that excellent condition is vital, and you should ensure that all electric items are fully working. I have had my XK for five years, and nothing has gone wrong: One brake light bulb and one indicator bulb have been replaced, that’s all. You do need to keep the battery fully charged if it is not your daily drive, but that is true of all Jaguars. If it is in excellent condition and has a good service history, mileage is not that important.
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    Welcome to the Club, Joe. Nice Car
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    quality spot on with mine, no rattles or squeaks, best motor I've had, but I think mine has had a prang at some point in its life as the steering wheel jag emblem is dented, so I'm assuming the air bag has gone off at some point!!
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    Hi Just a heads up just bought a xf 2010 v6 diesel Am in the process of checking it over have just replaced the locking wheel nuts with standard wheel nuts as the locking nuts were getting corroded rusty Had to do the same on my Honda accord last year and they were a bugger to get off have put on a photo of the offending nuts the xf. Is coming up to 10 years olds it's worth checking if your car is older also Checked all remaining wheel nuts cleaned off and greased them and set to correct torque as I would not have been able to release them with the jag wheel brace all wheel nuts were over tightened Hope this helps
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    It's a standard audio / video switching unit of the XF Joe
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    Hi Steve, and welcome to the club. Finding a parts supplier in the UK must be easier than in the USA, and finding one that would ship out parts could prove difficult. There is one company that is worth looking at and one I have used before for small parts. Have a look at the David Manners Group who have a very good supply of new genuine Jaguar parts and who do ship abroad. Let us know how you get on. Regards, Peter.
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    Hi Nigel Hope you have overcome your starting problem, but if you haven't, I had the same thing with my 1998 XJ8. After about two years of starting in neutral, I had a service and the mechanic found that the gear selector coupling was dry. Simply greasing the joint cured the problem completely. I believe the joint can be found close to the front end of the gear box. Good luck. best not to use WD40 it's not a good lubricant.
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    This is a good place to start, I did the same when I got mine although she wasn't as bad as yours by the sounds of it! Do a full service including oil and filters if you like and want to keep her 😉 PS. You're probably aware the inlet manifold needs to come off to access one bank of cylinders. Get gaskets for this and give everything a clean and lube while you're in there 👍
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    Well you certainly had the right weather for it Joe Looks like a great event
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    Hi All ! I'm Paul , new to Jaguar ownership, Owned my 2011 Jaguar XF S ( luxury premium ) 3ltr diesel for around 6 mth's now , and enjoyed every minute .
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    Hi All, I've seen some pix here of accessorised interior bits, like the 'growler' gear selector top. Any ideas of where to buy them, much appreciated! Thanks, Jon
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    What a way to spend a Sunday washing and waxing my pride and joy. The beast looks so shiny
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    hi generic code reader will only read engine codes, so no use, only Jaguar IDS/SDD software will communicate with epb and central locking modules make sure your battery fully charged first, put it on charge overnight, low battery cause lots of issues with epb if it still does it, its going to be something like faulty epb motor, faulty module if boots damp, stiff caliper cables or stiff calipers central locking, first check the button click on the remotes, sometime the micro switch inside the remote fail and operate on there own or even stay stuck on if there ok, its going be a sticky door lock, wd40 inside them often cures them cheers Joe these two clip have some good info on fault find epb problems clip 1 clip 2
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    Ok. Very good 😁 But seriously, any thoughts?
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    Hello All, Many years ago (Mid 70's) one of my friends asked me to drive the bridesmaid car for a wedding him and his dad had offered to do for someone as he owned two nice cars. This was the first time I drove a Jag and an automatic to boot since then I have always hankered after owning a Jag. So after many years of owning cheap cars I finally bit the bullet and bought a secondhand XF Sportbrake 2013 and what a fantastic car it is. Still getting used to automatic and trying hard not to go for the gear change especially when approaching a roundabout! Have already used the forums to help with an issue installing Sat Nav update so will put a post on there with my helpful hint. Looking forward to many miles in the make of vehicle I have always wanted.
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    gary, find a good auto election who will be able to trace what the problem is...
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    Well it updated and finished 100% but after turning the car off and leaving till next morning I now have a very sluggish satnav and no postcode option anymore also takes ages between button presses and a message comes up and saying "unable to perform the request Please try again" after pressing the Pick from Map Option". Anybody got any ideas?
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    Don't worry. There are numerous businesses in the EU that can supply You with a subframe. Some more expensive than the others. Replacing the subframe is quite a simple job actually if You have the tools and the facility. Prices for a bare subframe vary between 1500£ to around 300£. They are available from the U.S. as well, Lithuania, Estonia, Netherlands, even from the U.K. If Your car failed the MoT then You need to find a replacement subframe. As You know the subframe is not 'supposed' to be repaired/welded, hence many scrap the complete car, which is so wrong...... (The subframe should ALWAYS be inspected before going to the MoT. After a failure You need to find a good replacement subframe). Search the internet. You will find one..... or three....... part number XR813273 is superceded by three more numbers, but start with that original part number. BR, vp
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    hi most people just put a K&N panel filter inside the original airbox the standard airbox is very good and has a cold front air feed, which is directly in front of the grill, giving some ram air type flow would make next to no difference on a diesel On the S-type R's you actually lose power by fitting a cone filter, on street/town driving, due to heat soak from the engine bay, the engines generate loads of heat in the engine bay at low speeds, it sucked up by the engine, due to high temperatures, the ecu retards timing to compensate, giving a loss in power All high quality race type filters use either a panel filter or cone filter in a sealed box, with a cold air feed direct from the front of the car, standard air box offers this, especially if a better filter is fitted, like a K&N if you want more power get it mapped, but make sure you change the oil regular and keep an eye the oil level does not go up on its own, due to leaky injectors, as this is the biggest cause of snapped cranks on this engine also any air filter that offers more air flow or performance, can only be acheived by offering better flow, which can only be done by sacrificing filtration, so more dust and particles will enter the engine, causing unnecessary wear, fact. cheers Joe
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    Hi Luke and welcome to the club. The mpg on my s type has had a slight improvement by using premium diesel and a suitable additive, but I use both on the basis that the engines used by Jaguar are top cars and deserve top class fuel. Regards, Peter,
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    Hi Seamus and welcome to the Club. What engine does you car have? If it is a diesel engine, I would recommend Millers Eco Plus [diesel] which I use and which keeps the fuel system clean. Since starting to use it a couple of years ago I have never had the engine amber warning light come on telling me the EGR valves needed cleaning. I also recommend you use Premium Fuel as it does give a better mpg and a smoother ride. Regards, Peter.
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    Mine has a separate voice module Graham It sits in the passenger seat No buttons fitted as standard but it can be disabled using gaffa tape
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    thanks very much paul i will book it in garage as i have 2 years warranty on it. it gives me something to ask about when i put it in . thanks regards malcolm

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