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    Following on from this event - the local fire brigade came and hosed down the car, starting with the back of the engine/bulkhead area. Anyhow, returned the car to service following a check out at the garage which had performed the wheel bearing change. They couldn't find anything wrong. Used the car to commute from Worcester to Selby, approx. 150 miles mainly on the motorway. Whilst driving up to Selby, the orange DPF regeneration lamp came on - twice. I didn't give it a second thought, other than, that's never happened before in 30K of driving. The following day, whilst driving in the local area of Selby, the Red DPF lamp came on. This would reset itself by switching the ignition off and back on, but would re-illuminate within 3-4 miles. I drove back to Worcester, stopping periodically to reset the DPF light, however, the EML light also joined the party. Following day, bonnet up, I discovered the EGR to Intercooler was split - this was replaced, however after clearing the EML light the DPF light would still come on. Everything I have read at this point is saying that the DPF is either full and won't regenerate anymore or its broken! New DPF purchased online, new DPF temperature sensor (couldn't get the old one out) and I'm ready to go. Fitted all the new shiney bits and heyho, within 4 miles the red DPF light was back on. Disconnected the battery, reconnected and all's well - just as well - the local Jag dealer wanted the best part of £1800 plus 6 hours of labour to do what I've done with £280 and a few hours of my time. Happy Days.... 😎
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    I have had my s type SE [2.7D.] for just over seven years and with 85k miles done mostly by me. Exterior - Indigo Blue. Interior - Dove Grey, I was able to get and price the optional extras which came to £11,094 and which don't include Jaguar Voice and a TV, neither of which I would have chosen Peter. 419A26EB-33A1-4C2D-8D7C-768E8FD6A446.heic
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    I got my Leaper off Ebay A genuine part in excellent condition , looks great on my Black x type , The 3M Adhesive seems to do the job perfectly, time will tell I guess. Got it for only £ 17.50 + UK postage , So a bargain , Didnt want to drill through the Bonnett as thats a potential rust trap BAZZER RN
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    I have a 2003 v6 3.0 l s type. I got the dreaded Restricted Performance message come up. At first it seemed to make very little difference to the performance except if I tried to accelerate too fast. I then had to go on a fairly long journey on the motorway and then the warning went away. It later returned the next day and stayed on all journeys of short duration. I started to research the fault and came across a U Tube video which explained all about STFT and LTFT. That is 'short term fuel trim' and 'long term fuel trim'. It explained about how unmetered air getting into the engine will, via the O2 sensors, change the fuel/air ratio. It will first change the STFT and then after time change the LTFT. It's this change that will trigger the Restricted Performance warning. It then went on to explain about how the amount of unmetered air getting in, at low engine speeds, is a high percentage of total air flow but at high engine speeds is a relatively low percentage of total air flow. Thus at higher engine speeds over time, the LTFT will drop and the warning will go away. What I then needed to look for was a relatively small air leak into the engine after the mass air flow sensor. It took about half an hour but I found a small hole in a rubber hose on the idle air system. I replaced the hose and the warning went away. Isn't the interweb thingy wonderful. I hope this helps somebody else sceptic
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    Hi Steve, Hopefully will tackle removing the Temp Gauge indication needle this weekend, will post how it goes, it might seem a bit technical but having an electronics company makes you think this way and maybe you are right about the technical aspect, anyway thanks for your replies Steve always pleased to have a bit of banter. Cheers Mate, Take Care & be Safe BAZZER
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    Should be close to the reservoir or under it. Just follow the pipes.
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    Does anyone have a wiring loom for the rear bumper cover for a 2010 - 2013 XJ that had Blind Spot Monitoring please? Just need the loom, no modules, sensors or switches.? Please message if you have one.. Thanks
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    Hi Jake, and welcome to the club. The XK models are future classics. I did fancy buying one, but with 4 grandchildren it would have been a bit limited. There are quite a few members with the XK who will give you some useful information, and quite a few members with Jaguars with the 4.2 petrol engine. I am just on old pensioner with the car I wanted for years and which I have had for 7 years, Enjoy your Jaguar! Regards, Peter.
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    Hi James and welcome to the club. The Diesel engine in the XK is a slightly improved one and is similar ro the 2.7 diesel in the S type and earlier XF. Tell the dealer that the diesel engine has a belt and the petrol engine has a chain. You could also tell him that there is no charge for that information, Regards, Peter.
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    Your mirrors are probably staying folded because your door locks don’t work I’ve been through it all with my drivers door which stopped the passenger door from locking and the mirrors from folding In my case, I changed the motors in the door lock
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    Good morning welcome to the Club. If you enter your Vin Number into the Topix site and you'll get a summary of what's on your vehicle. Regards Tom.
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    It's a connection used in transit and not used for anything else. It is usually plugged into a socket on the back of the battery box
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    Hi I've been doing some work on my 2005 xtype & when I removed the battery I found this wire & connector just dangling. I have no idea what it's for & cant find anywhere near where it should go?! Anybody??? Thanks in advance Darren
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    I wonder if it could be a worn suspension component but it should show up with a lever bar inserted into the correct places to show excessive movement. Other areas to look at could be loose / excessive play in the calipers where they mount to the carrier, worn wheel bearings, testing run out on the discs in-situ, etc
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    As an S-Type owner, you'll be aware (I guess) of how sensitive the electronics is to low battery voltage. You'll maybe not know though, what you're expected to do after dis-connecting and re-connecting the battery. I've put together a PDF document which takes you through the procedure step by step. Nothing that isn't readily available elsewhere but just gathered together and (in my view) logically ordered into a single reference. It also includes how to get the audio system working when you don't have the security code I've been asked for it so many times that I though I'd make a thread just for access to that document so here it is:- Battery reset.pdf
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    Here's mine when I first had her and after I refurbished my wheels and changed the colour to graphite grey and my plate of course ( sorry about the poor quality new pics). There are a lot of really nice s types on here fair play👌👌
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    My servo needed replacing. With the diesel, it might be a servo or the vacuum pump causing problems. Presumably you're getting a hard brake pedal with no servo assistance? Servo / vacuum problems are common as far as I can tell, having Googled "S Type hard brake pedal", for example. If you look under the insulation flap by the bulkhead on the driver's side of the engine bay with a torch you can easily read the servo part number. It might be:- 6R83-2B195-BC, assuming that your VIN is very close to mine. There are several types and they are not, sadly, interchangeable, but if you check the part number you will find second hand replacements readily available from specialist breakers like Essex Jag. A new replacement from Jaguar costs £500 give or take a few pence. Hope this helps :)

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