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    The lure of a new XJ proved too much and I have now to part with my beloved S-type. Its a 2006 (55) 2.7d sport to SE spec, meaning it has the full body kit of the sport, with glass sunroof, xenons, daylight running lights, touchscreen sat nav with premium sound by Alpine. It’s covered only 72,000 miles from new and is in excellent condition for its age, a few small scratches, but no dents, no corrosion, unused spare etc. It’s finished in metallic black, with very good barley leather. The alloys have been professionally refurbished and are as new, the privacy glass is film that I had done last year. I’m looking for offers over £3k, it’s a bargain at that price. I’ll MOT it in the next few weeks before sale. Interested? ring me on 07801 239050. I’m in Hook, Hampshire. Oh, and the private plate is already on the XJ, so not included. Cheers, Mike.
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    Hi Mally, Since 2002 I have used a mobile mechanic who knows everything about cars. I checked out the cost of s type EGR valves and they varied from £185 to £235 for each one. I though that I was looking at about £700 minimum for both to be supplied and fitted. Carl only uses genuine parts where possible and he also charges me the price he pays rather than the listed price. His supplier gave him £50 off each one which put the cost at £270 plus £150 labour which is not bad for a days work. He is picking up my s type on Monday evening so that he can start on Tuesday with a cold engine. He will bring my car back on Tuesday evening.. Good job well done as usual. Regards, Peter.
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    Hi Mally, Hows things? I am having two new EGR valves fitted next week -- the first major job in 6 years! Regards, Peter.
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    Hello Peter. Reset worked perfectly on the first go. Thanks once again. Regards John.
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    Hi Andy, Personally I don't feel the anything will be achieved by blocking off the EGR valves. Experts designed these rather good engines, and it is the government + climate control regulations the has introduced EGR Valves, DPFs, and other additions to the exhaust systems. Not being a design engineer I tend to go along with the principle that I should manage my car in the condition it left the factory. [mine left the production line in Castle Bromwich on 13th March 2007, and only the Leaping Jaguar on the bonnet is what is different. The engine is the same - no remapping or similar "improvements" -- the exhaust will last as long as the car being of stainless steel and I guess the car will last as long as me. [I am now heading towards my 85th Birthday.] The cost of maintenance of a Jaguar is not that high if you look towards preventing problems rather than fixing them after the event. My recommendation is Premium fuel and the odd additive. Changing the oil when it needs doing. Checking the tyres, the battery, and the engine fluids. But that's just me. I have a degree in nitpicking but it does seem to work. Regards, Peter.
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    I have owned my 57plate x-type 2.0D S for about two months...very pleased with it until yesterday morning when I'd nipped to the shops about 1.5 mile and started to smell what only could be discribed as burning wires and plastic very harsh to the nose ... Panic set in popped the bonnet with it raining a few drops of water landed on the alternator and instantly boiled.. And I found the smell... After all my years I have never seen an alternator frying itself... I could see the copper coils inside was a purple and black color and very very hot... Anyway long story short. Car was dead this morning... Jump started and it died in less than a minute... Read posts on here to replace alternator.. . Good tips and advice.. This is how I did it.. 1x spring clamp for compressing suspension springs 1x wheel brace with wheel trim repair (see Pics) No removal of track rod or ball joint to lower arm. Remove heat sheald from torbo All I did was remove vent cover from alternator and jiggle it free from top .. Keep an eye out for the fuel line from fuel filter.. Very few tools needed.. Even a ratchet strap will do if you hook it in right place... I lent mine out hence this option.
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    Welcome to the Forum, Steve.
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    Welcome to the Club, Steve. I had an X Type AWD and found that it was a great road holder. I also had two grandchildren who enjoyed keeping it clean! I bought a pair of Jaguar Mud Flaps for my s type and they do a good job for me in the winter. I think you will enjoy your car, especially in the summer!! Regards, Peter.
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    Thanks Peter, oh to have Sun once more..
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    Seems by some of the replies, but sorry guys i don't think you've read the post properly. Sally is looking for a 5 year old car the links are showing specs for second generation from 2015, the video is showing pre facelift. I have recently bought a 2012 62 reg 2.2 premium luxury. I spent ages looking for the spec that I wanted. In my opinion this is the car to go for it has more extras then the luxury or sport versions for e.g heated front screen, power fold mirrors, to name but two. I'm not 100% sure but think with the portfolio, the only difference is piping on the seats and a few extra little trims. Also you have to consider economy, the 3.0 is thirstier and higher on Tax. I find my 2.2 with 200bhp powerful enough.
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    My late father in laws 52 reg X Type has been resting in our dry garage for approx 3 years. Approx mileage 55000. Metallic blue. In good condition apart from a small paint chip on the front bumper. Flat tyres, battery etc. No tax,mot. Free to a Jag enthusiast. A donation to a Myeloma cancer charity would be appreciated. Email me kaye_mark@hotmail.com Herts.
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    Premium Members can receive the following discount from Stratstone Jaguar: 10% discount on Parts 10% discount on Labour 10% discount on Servicing
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    5% off any items purchased from their website. See discount code above
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    Dekra are offering Jaguar Premium Members a discount on Vehicle Inspections, on most types of car, van or motorhome. Inspection services from DEKRA Expert include pre and post purchase car, van and motorhomes as well as engineer reports, warranty inspections, mechanical investigations, vehicle condition reports and accident damage appraisals. FREE HPI check included in all pre and post purchase inspections Vehicle inspections can be carried out at any garage premises, office car parks or at any private address (with an off-road, level hardstanding) Dekra offer guaranteed confidentiality and impartiality. Fixed rates for vehicle inspections. - No hidden extras. Verbal report same day as vehicle inspection. Quick response times subject to workload and vehicle/vendor availability - Reports sent as soon as practically possible Provide free initial advice - without any obligation.
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    DEKRA AUTOMOTIVE LISTS ITS ‘EXPERT’ CHECK LIST FOR BUYING A USED CAR WITHOUT THE HEART-ACHE DEKRA Automotive inspect over 9,000 used cars every year from customers buying their first small car to trading up to a nearly new luxury vehicle. With over 200 separate checks on every car they look at, they have amassed a huge database of knowledge to spot the lemon from the perfect car. DEKRA’s experienced vehicle examiners have compiled a list of common failures, tips and issues to look out for when buying your used car. 1 Worn tyres, split tyres, and the wrong tyres - We have come across issues where tyres have been mixed up, incorrect size or just incorrectly fitted, it’s easy to miss, but a tyre failure at speed can be catastrophic. Don’t forget the spare wheel if supplied, an expensive omission if its missed! 2 Check the Oil - A low engine oil level can indicate oil leaks or excessive oil usage – this is very common and no or low oil in an engine, shows poor maintenance and can be expensive to repair. One oil leak can produce a repair bill of over £500. 3 Low coolant and or low antifreeze strength - Coolant leaks sound like a quick fix but it can indicate a major engine problem and result in a catastrophic engine failure minutes after you have taken the car away. 4 Air conditioning not working – Air conditioning not cooling down the ambient air to the required temperature. This is very easy to miss, especially in winter but a new air conditioning system can cost £000's and a dirty or failing aircon system can pump pollutants, spores and irritants into the cabin. 5 Discharged and or insecure batteries – This can be a potential fire risk and shows poor maintenance. Easy to miss and you won’t get far on a defective battery. 6 Missing wheel nuts - We have seen wheels that could fall off at any time. It can be very dangerous and shows poor or sloppy maintenance. 7 Brake Discs - Checking for corroded brake discs and brake judder felt through the steering wheel and the brake pedal when braking. Warped brake discs are a sign of wear and sometimes abuse. How long before the brake warning light comes on (if its connected) and an expensive bill follows? 8 Dashboard warning lights – Not forgetting the interior and exterior car lights. Easy to miss but those lights can be expensive to repair and replace and can warn of further cost ahead. 9 Bodywork and windscreens - Dents and corrosion can indicate a hard life and spotting filler and signs of extensive damage can explain why it’s for sale and you don’t want to buy it. 10 Paperwork – Checking ownership and correct registration, insurance, mileage and service history is a key part of buying a used car. On several occasions DEKRA inspectors have spotted that the VIN printed on the V5 Registration didn’t match the stamped VIN number on the vehicle, in fact it was a stolen vehicle, cloned to look like another identical car. The result, the police were called and took the vehicle away. Had the customer bought it, they would have lost all their money and no car! Commenting on our top ten used car ‘fails’ Shaun Stagg, Dekra Sales Manager said “it’s easy to be dazzled by the prospect of driving your dream car, but experience has taught us that the car may not be the bargain the buyer thinks it is and the investment of a level head to check the car thoroughly has saved a lot of heart ache later on “
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    We offer the UK's largest selection of quality wiper blades - well over 400 different wiper blade products for over 700 different vehicles - some 70,000 possible variations. We know that getting the right information about the correct wiper blades to fit your vehicle can often differ from various sources.
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    As promised in another thread, I'm reporting my findings from my recent ECU upgrade. I have a 2005 X-Type 2.2 Diesel Sport, which pulled really well from low down revs, but quickly faded off after the initial rush. The new ECU program has given a massive kick in the !Removed! from just above tickover, and the power delivery continues right through the rev range up toward the redline. It now drives much more like a petrol turbo than a diesel! With an initial rush of power which now doesn't really back off until gearchange. Although 'off-the-line' acceleration is quicker, it's not where the biggest gain is. The car now charges uphill and the acceleration in 4th, 5th and 6th is akin to an aeroplane take-off! I've 'chipped' cars before but the last was in the days of removing the actual chip from the ecu and replacing them with upgraded ones. Celtic Tuning - www.celtictuning.co.uk - turned up at my house exactly on time and performed the upgrade with a laptop. The difference is astonishing! I decided on CT as their website goes into a lot of detail about the methods they use to devise their ecu programs using their own rolling road tests, complete with exhaust gas temperature monitoring etc to ensure the programs stay within the engines 'safe' limits. I'm not new to mechanics and to engine tuning. I've done my share of engine strips and modifications so I know a thing or two about it. The website didn't give me any indication that they were making anything up, so I bit the bullet and booked. If you're looking for a professional service, easy booking and a hassle free performance upgrade, which won't harm your engine and doesn't adversely affect fuel economy, book it with Celtic! It cost £295, but it was worth every penny!
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    I had to wait until I was 45, but yes the wait was worth it. Mine is Carnival red with 18" seven spoke wheels. I spent some money having them professionally restored back to looking like new, and now they set the car off a treat.
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    In 1946 when the Second World War had just ended, I was 10 years old and, having seen an SS Jaguar for the first time, I announced that "I would have a Jag when I was old enough to drive"! It took longer than intended but I eventually achieved my ambition in 2002 when I was 65 when I bought an ex-demo 3.0 Litre S Type with 4000 miles on the clock.From the outset this has been a "head turning" car maybe because of its unusual colour (Roman Bronze) and partly because of its 18 inch wheels. Whatever the reason, I have had, and still get, regular compliments from complete strangers. The car has no less than 61,000 miles on the clock as it enters its 12th year in my ownership and I have to say "It was worth the wait"

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