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    A quick hello, I've just purchased a bargain basement miley, but immaculate 2011MY XF Portfolio S with Aerodynamic and Dynamic Packs. It's covered a lofty 192k, but the last chap had it for five years and the maintenance record is impeccable. Thrilled to get this spec and the car drove so well on the 150 mile trip back on Friday. I'm going to book it in for a B service, cambelt and water pump in the next couple of months and hope to pick your brains on issues as they arise 🙂
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    HI and Welcome The S-types are great cars if you find a good one the S-types weakest link is the sills, get them checked if you like tinkering your self there lots of info on here and heres a link to a great source of info for jaguars http://www.jagrepair.com/ cheers Joe
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    All sorted... Take delivery of this beast in a couple of days.... Will miss my first Jag, now commonly known as Dad's XtraFlooded.. my kids have a cruel sense of humour...
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    Hi Richard, My XF-S (2011, bought a year ago) arrived with Chinese 'Triangle' branded tyres, which were truly 'interesting' in the wet. Quickly swapped for a set of Pirelli P-Zeros (255/35-20), car was transformed! Good luck with your search, mine were roughly £200 a corner at Quik-Fit, plus a few £££s for tracking adjustment. Next job is to get the wheels refurbished, but the plastic 'blades (5 needed per wheel) seem to be incredibly expensive! Cheers, Jon
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    To cut to the chase so to speak. My 58 plate XF diesel estate has just gone into a newly opened (March this year) specialist Jag garage in Banbury for the 'once over', resulting in new discs and pads. The owner Simon Thomas has the knowledge and skills coupled with an honest, infectious and passionate approach to Jaguars that I was completely blown away. Work was outstanding and undertaken at a highly competitive price. I can only give him the highest recommendation. Go try! SST MOTORS, Unit 22 Thorpe Place Banbury OX16 4XH
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    Brilliant!!! Worked fine, both fobs are now programmed to the car. The only thing I would add is that I had to start the car first to obviate the security light flashing on the gear selector. Then just followed your instructions and though I didn't get the "beep" everything else worked as you said. I recommend this to anyone that has a similar problem. Thanks again.
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    Hi Its not the speed, its the revs you need, the DPF is like a filter, thats blocks up and the only way to clear it is heat, higher than normal revs get the dpf hotter and allow to burn the soot off at 70mph in my S-type R in sixth gear would barely be doing just over a 1000rpm select a lower gear and keep the revs up a bit more, for 15 mins or so just to get the dpf up to temp cheers Joe
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    I've just had a very hard time replacing my fuel pump. It apparently stopped working and the AA's diagnosis shewed that there was power to the pump but the pump itself was not running. When I eventually got the unit out I found that the plug connecting the unit to the control system was severely damaged. There were obvious signs of over heating at the pin connections. The plastic had become brittle and the pins themselves were blackened. The actual pump was still working fine when fed directly. As the whole thing is immersed in petrol I thought I'd better warn owners of the potential danger in this model and, maybe others. My car is a 2002 XJ8 Exec. After asking a few questions at various garages I got the impression that several pumps have gone down and the general feeling is that they are getting past there sell by date.
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    Either hoses or ABS issue (valve holding on that particular circuit/channel)
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    Can you post up some photos of it please?
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    Welcome to the Cub, Nick. With that mileage/driving profile you should have no trouble with the DPF in a Diesel.
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    I’m quietly considering selling my 2010 XKR 75 if I can get a sensible price. 60K miles. 2 owners both in same family. FSH. MOT until Oct 2020. New rear tyres. Never had any mechanical problems, has had some cosmetic repairs to bumper scuffs and the like. Wheels need refurbishment. I though this forum might be a good place to start, where the rarity and collectors value of this car will be appreciated. Only 25 RHD examples were produced. More power, suspension upgrades and unique badging. If anyone is interested please DM me and I will supply further details and pics. Offers welcome. Reason for sale is a growing family!
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    Welcome to the club, Stephen, It's a pity there wasn't a car attached to it! At a guess, I would place it in the early sixties, and again at a guess, I think you are right about the Sovereign . You might get some one who would like it. Regards, Peter. !7th March whatever year you want!
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    Hi Stuart I think i would contact your dealer as this may be a software update issue.
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    Ian, as Steve said if your car is fitted with Keyless Entry there will be a small black rubber button on each door handle, (you press these to lock the car once to lock and arm the alarm and twice within 5 secs to arm the deadlocks) To gain entry you just walk up to a door and pull the handle. If these buttons are missing the car is not fitted with Keyless entry
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    Hi Johnny, I have the same problem on my X Type. Sometimes it goes off after starting but sometimes stays on until I turn off the ignition at end of journey. Not noticed it coming on during journey. Passed mot recently. Cheers Rod
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    i bought mine off ebay for £30.00 never been a problem i think they only upgrade maps so don't expect too much
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    Rybrook jaguar to close next year in Warrington

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