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    Hello everyone. I just thought i would share this experience with you all because i hope it will help some of you out and prevent this series of events coming your way. I recently was having issues with my 2.2D X Type where i would have flat spots under acceleration, kangerooing and simply lack of power. When this would happen my car would go into limp mode and i would have the flashing glow plug light come on. My first point of call was to look for a turbo leak. I had the usual split intercooler pipe coming from the EGR valve. After fitting a new one the fault still existed. So i now replaced the EGR valve in case this was the problem... nope. After some brainstorming i moved on to the MAF sensor, nice and easy job and only £25. Still no change. Clutching at hairs i now aimed for my MAP sensor as the symptoms fit with hard acceleration, turbo pressure gets high etc... After a real struggle i managed to fit a new MAP sensor and believe me that was a struggle there is next to no space down towards the bottom of the intercooler hose. Much to my disappointment this did not solve the problem either... only to find that after all of this work it was my Turbo Actuator that had failed on me! This is apparently a very common fault with the diesel x type, s type and mondeos! So to all if your car has the symptoms i described in the beginning of this post (loss of power, flat spots, hesitation, or kangerooing around 2 - 3000rpm) then i would try the turbo actuator first before putting yourself out for the rest of the work. The actuator is not a big job at all. Hope this is of some use to people!
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    I think that it can't be too long before an S-Type owner switches on the ignition and gets the horrific shock of seeing multiple failures all being reported at once. The problem is that the electronics in our cars is susceptible to firmware corruption at low voltages and as a result the car will try to "fail safe" by shutting down various systems when it detects a low voltage state. In days gone by, you'd get a warning of impending battery failure because the lights would go dim and the starter motor would make the instantly recognizable churning noise. Not so with our cars though. The first indication is when you get the heart-stopping song and dance routine on the instrument panel. Following advice, I adopted the following solution and offer it here as food for thought. I tend to put my car's battery on trickle charge once a week overnight. Since I started doing so, I've never suffered the failure routine again. Being of a generally lazy disposition though, it had to be easy I wanted a trickle charger that would condition the battery and could remain connected without any possibility of damaging the battery or associated electronics in the car. I chose a CTEK trickle charger following advice and a fair bit of research (I HATE to spend money and not get the best value). CTEK's web site Further, I wasn't keen on lifting the boot floor and messing with crocodile clips so I went for their panel socket which is a small panel fitted in the boot lining. It has a three colour flashing LED system to indicate battery condition. I've found this to be somewhat pessimistic but, rather that than the other way round. Here is a Link showing what I did with my setup. I have the luck to be able to use this in a nice warm dry garage but I know of several who just plug the output lead of the CTEK in and close the boot lid outside their house and there seems to be no problem with water getting in to the boot. No. I don't work for CTEK I'm sure there are some equally good trickle chargers made by other manufacturers but this works for me.
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    Hi All Added some indicator bulb DRL/indicator LED bulbs today to my S-type R, For under £20 theres no ready to go kits for the PY21W bulbs our cars have, so i made a set. And i must admit they look great got the bulbs off ebay for under a £10 from Hong Kong, Came in under a week, they were so cheap i bought a extra couple of sets as spares I had to alter them completely, the led bulbs were a rubber grommet push in type, which i thought were poor. So what i did is mount the led bulbs in two spare indicator bulb holders, rubbers removed from new led's, lampholders drilled out, new led's glued into jaguar holder with PU adhesive, so they push in proper, and i used a old bulb base so it plugged straight into the old bulb holder, I don't like cutting and chopping the original wiring, this is fully reverseable and the old style bulbs can be plugged straight back in, No jaguar wiring or harnesses were damaged or injured in the process of this conversion, lol. One thing to remember on these, the lamp holders are wired different, the case of the bulb is positive and the centre is negative switched I tapped all the wiring in manufacturer style black cloth tape, for the OE look I also had to add a relay because jaguar use a permanent feed to the bulb and they switch the negative/earth to operate the bulb, so the relay converts the negative switch to positive switch The set came with resistors, but they are not needed as there controlled by a ecu and the resistance of the relay is enough for the ecu to recognise the bulb is healthy I got the jaguar indicator bulb holders and relays, there was only one s-type so 2x lamp holders and i got over a dozen relays, same as the smaller ones in the fuse box, for a Fiver, at my local scrappy, Mc Guinesses. I fed the DRL out of the fuse box in the engine bay, I can also turn them off there if i don't want them on all the time, mine come straight on as soon as the engine starts here are some pics KITS I BOUGHT LEDS IN MODIFIED JAGUAR BULB HOLDERS COMPLETED WIRING AND BULB HOLDERS HOW THERE WIRED AND LAST A QUICK VIDEO OF THEM WORKING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QvgvBbQDSM&feature=youtu.be
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    An XK120, with one owner from new, and costing £180 to buy, has seen sold at auction for £77,000. The owner, a mechanic, has covered over 300,000 miles in the car. The XK120 was the first car that Malcolm Sayer worked on when he joined Jaguar. The 120 was the speed of the car - over 120 mph. He was asked to get the speed up so the car could be used in competitions. He did this by the use of aerodynamics and the car was know known as the C type. - the competition car. He increased the speed that there was never an XK130. It was the motoring press who stared to call it the C type, and it was followed by the D Type, the XK140, and the XK150, known as the E type. The D type won 3 Le Mans 24 hour endurance races , and reached 196 miles per hour on the Mulsanne Strait at Le Mans. The style of following Jaguars sports cars -- look at the radiator grill on the d type - has been repeated in following XK models. Regards, Peter. A 1951 XK120 below.
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    Mine has a separate voice module Graham It sits in the passenger seat No buttons fitted as standard but it can be disabled using gaffa tape
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    I haven't really bought it for environmental; reasons , I wanted a car that was quiet and a bit nippy. The leaf fitted the bill with the advantage of saving me loads of money in fuel costs. At present I spend £170 a month on fuel, this will drop to £25 max, possible less as there are free charging points around. It is very quiet with all the modern gismos including 360 degree cameras. Its a lot faster than my diesel Jaguar on acceleration. The other main deciding factor was all the grants available even with a second hand one. I get a home charging point supplied and fitted for free. I agree they are not for everyone, it is a leap into the dark specially as its my only car, but once i have had it for a few months I should be able to get a toy for the weekend which will involve a V8 with a Jaguar badge
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    First year of ownership, first Jag, first experience of owning a Marque! My thoughts so far. Never did I think I would ever own such a car, but when I saw her advertised I fell in love, I just knew inside I had to have her. Went to the dealers, saw her in the flesh, heard the engine, checked her over, even before we discussed cash, I wanted out of there, with her whisking me home, already anticipating the bursting pride I knew I would feel to be the owner of such a car…. What did the missus say “its smaller inside than the Omega” typical! She likes her now by the way Anyhow not to put a dampener on the experience, one year on, I still have the honour of saying I own a Jaguar, still get an excitement when I know I’ll be getting behind the wheel shortly, with the keys in my hand, I still look at her and admire her from afar. I still can’t believe I own her To the car its self Positives As mentioned love the shape, love the quality of the build, solid feeling, reassuring thud when the doors close, responsive, handles like a dream, road holding very good, haven’t pushed to hard yet though, goes like the wind, purred with original boxes on, now growls with the sports boxes, gearbox lovely and smooth, brakes fabulous, sport mode or not I love the acceleration from stand still, overtaking a dream and effortless, speed I couldn’t possibly comment firm supportive comfortable leather seats, love the layout of the interior, like the wood trim, love the alloys, folding mirrors, sound system even though it’s the basic, she’s a head turner, still getting admiring glances Negatives House Keys in the ignition dangle on my knee (quite annoying) firm suspension, not her fault, that’s what you get with a Sport model!, she does not like the go faster pedal being slammed to the floor for ‘Kick down’ she does some weird stuff that makes think a fault code is going to pop up, or I’m going to damage her, she prefers the slightly smoother approach, rather than the 'wham - bam' Not the biggest of boots, the ‘letter box’ opening behind the rear seats when they are folded is quite small therefore restricting the size of larger / longer ‘Stuff’ you may want to carry, I think the windows are a little on the small side, that’s perhaps just a personal opinion, not the easiest to clean the rear window at parcel shelf level, space saver wheel, doesn’t have all the toys, again not her fault, To conclude: Had I done a bit more research I probably would be driving the S Type ‘R’ but at this moment that will have to wait for a while (How long who knows) regarding those little niggly things, I can live with them, why? Because they make no difference to the experience of owning a fantastic car, one year on and I still can’t wait to get behind the wheel, Oh, and I still give her a little pat on the dash whenever the journey begins and ends Apologies for my waffling on, but just thought I would share my love affair with a superb car Steve
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    Retro-fitting Bluetooth phone on the later model S-Types is a bit of a nightmare. Conventional wisdom has it that the BTUM socket, under the arm-rest storage bin will have eight wires if Bluetooth enabled or five wires otherwise has shown itself to be less than accurate recently. I've found several cars that have eight wires but they go to the wrong terminals in the BUTM connector and when traced back seem to bear no correlation at all to the available wiring diagrams. It can be done, but involves either running extra wiring from the boot to the BTUM socket or completely re-wiring a BTUM socket into the phone wiring in the boot. However, there is a much easier way and it relies on the combined Bluetooth / phone module fitted to very few of the last ever S-Types and also later X-Type models. The photograph illustrates the module you need and also shows the microphone (internal one shown here but external and arguably better one is available) and the Bluetooth aerial, complete with Fakra Z type connector which fits the module's aerial connector perfectly and can be had from fleabay for roughly a fiver. Ball park prices on fleabay, for example, would suggest that the components required to do the retro-fit the old way would cost £200. The newer combined module plus the aerial can be had for under £100 so, half the cost and a much easier fit. In addition, the later module allows the touchscreen to display signal strength and phone service supplier as well as allowing up to six different phones to be paired, unlike the earlier setup which allows only one pairing at a time. installation of the module is on the back of the Kaiser panel in the boot, which is directly behind the DVD, CDC, AMP stack. The module is a little smaller than the original so can either be bolted in to place with one bolt, or you could drill the Kaiser panel to secure it with four bolts. In my view, a sufficiently tightened single bolt will do the job. Then all that is required is to plug in the connector which will already be in the loom, make a D2B (fibre optic loop) connection, and plug in the aerial. The aerial is not for the phone's connection to the outside world, it merely serves for the Bluetooth wireless link and as such, it will work perfectly well if located under the parcel shelf or just behind the rear seats. There is no requirement to get it into the arm-rest storage cavity. It can be completely concealed. Initial pairing is the same procedure as for the earlier setup, except that it seems to pair a lot more quickly, gives you a real-time signal strength, directly from the phone, and also tells you the phone service provider. Well, that's the basics. It took Steve Foxton and I something in the region of thirty minutes to install his Bluetooth setup, start to finish, today. Albeit that the microphone was already installed for Jaguar Voice, but even allowing time for the microphone to be fitted it should be doable in less than an hour I'd say. This has to be one of the simplest retro-fits yet, and it works brilliantly.
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    I bought a 2.7 deisel on an 04 Plate, 3yrs ago. Over the first year I spent almost as much on repairs as I did on the purchase! However, since then (last two years) the car has been faultless, returns 38+ mpg combined, and is a joy to drive. My first jaguar was one of the original Mk 2s ~I'm in my 70s ~ and I always promised myself to buy another when I retired. My advice to anyone looking to buy an S type: have deep pockets, buy the best model you can afford, put right anything that needs fixing, regular maintenance and enjoy.
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    Hi Jim, The Forum rules are there for all to see, and I see no reason to put them anywhere else. Other clubs do things in a different way and I have, in several years of being a moderator is this club, only ever had to remind one person to read the rules, from which I feel that there needs to be no alteration on how and where these Rules should be placed. New members do not want to be hit with a vast array of "legislation" when they join a club, and with only the odd exception, have members had a post deleted due to infringements of the rules. Members who join the club do appreciate that it is a friendly club and and appear rather to like the way it works. I would respectful suggest that if you don't agree with how this club operates that you devote more time to to the Jaguar related club that you run rather than the JOC. Regards, Peter.
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    5 speed auto on all S-Types with 'manual' handbrake (up to 2002) 6 speed auto on everything with the electronic park brake (2002 onwards)
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    TROLL Read Disclaimer Also, how can you con someone with a free site?
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    Hi Steve, Bell Lane Garage (Jaguar Independent), Langthwaite Business Park, South Kirby. Between doncaster & Barnsley. Great bloke with good service and prices, also gives you a courtesy car if booked in for work, not rotherham / sheffield but not much further. Give Richard a ring you might be surprised - 01977 651100, Gary
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    Hi Luke and welcome to the club. The mpg on my s type has had a slight improvement by using premium diesel and a suitable additive, but I use both on the basis that the engines used by Jaguar are top cars and deserve top class fuel. Regards, Peter,
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    It appears, after talking to a jaguar specialist, that this can be cause by a sticking rod. I took the cover off under the steering wheel and sprayed liberal amounts of WD40. This appears to have done the trick.! no change of servo or master cylinder.. I'm overjoyed.. It was stull a bit stiff but after doing about 200 miles its now back to normal.
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    Hi Saw this on the E-pace, just amazing how much technology there is in the new E-pace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zLHnVz403c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuVAeaJA0mM I bet its not cheap though cheers Joe
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    Hi All just thought I would share my good news, She sailed through and passed another MOT, with no advisories again. I have had the EML on the dash for a few months, but the AA said it was DS rear wheel speed sensor, and was safe to drive until I got it looked at (which I did) anyway got that changed yesterday before the MOT and as I said, she passed with flying colours Regards Steve
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    HI I'd say that's a manufacturing defect, in the material in the sidewall you need to get it changed as soon as, would not like to drive that at speed, as it could let go and make a right mess try going back to where you had them, they may be able to contact Pirelli and get it replaced free, they usually try to keep customers happy you have nothing to lose, may be worth a try thanks Joe
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    Suggest you get an additional 5.0 L supercharged!..Just incase the groom comes to his senses and wants to make a quick escape!
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    Hi Paul, I have my first Jaguar when I was 77 and my 11 year old Rover 825 Rover Sterling was getting rather tatty and a respray would have cost more than the car was worth. Someone said that a Jaguar was an old man's car --- not so. Driving a Jaguar keeps you young! Regards, Peter.
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    Hi Guys Here are a couple more pics of my Ftype .One pic shows a clear windstop I made beuase I preferred to see though the rear window with the roof up,the factory item is great with roof down but I found restricted my vision roof up.
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    Hi I have replaced the fogs with drl/fogs and converted the indicators to drl/indicators have a look here http://www.jaguarownersclub.com/forums/topic/13570-fitted-led-drl-indicators-today-s-type/#comment-39313 clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QvgvBbQDSM&feature=youtu.be&utm_source=JaguarOwnersClub&utm_medium=ForumLinks&utm_campaign=referrals cheers Joe
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    Amandeep, The first thing I'd do is swap mirror with the other side. That would confirm whether the fault lies within the mirror assembly or the switching / wiring
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    I spent today driving a Ford mundaneo for a colleague at work. Low spec example as well, it was. What a pleasure to get behind the wheel of The Princess for the drive home from the University. Nothing like driving a, frankly, grossly inferior car to make me appreciate the S-Type even more.
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    Update on the issues: ECO Stop/Start has now triggered an 'ECO Stop/Start not available' warning symbol so took car back to dealer. Of course as soon as the technician sat in teh car and fired it up, no warning light! He put the car on the diagnostic machine and sure enough there is a fault with the battery charging circuit somewhere. Error code reader also threw up a Transmission module fault code which explains the 'hunting' when the car is held on the brake. All booked in for diagnosis/rectification a week on Monday. Hopefully they'll fix these issues and all will be well....... watch this space!1
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    Absolutely James, I agree with Jim. Go for it and help bring the so called and rumoured 'average driver age' down ... and help make it a young man's car too! As Jim's sons are doing. Find yourself a beauty, which, given your budget, should be eminently do-able. As Jim suggests, take your time, and maybe test drive a few options; but always keep one eye on the all important history which, in fairness, you would be doing with any car you buy. Good luck, Rowley.
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    Hi Dave - I asked at the Jaguar Dealer and was told that the 2015 Satnav cannot accommodate Speed Camera's - I ended up buying a Road Angel Gem - Had Jaguar install it and actually prefer it as it complements the gauges. Hope this helps Regards Steve
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    Hi all,Well I have got round to fitting my 18" Mercury's alloys -I think they suit it well with the lowered suspension.What do you think?
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    I had a tow bar on my old xf 3.0d Care and research of available types is needed as some require large amounts of the rear valance removing! Best to go for the *13 pin electrics and the cheapest dedicated I have seen is to import from Germany at a cost of £120 (A Jaguar dealer will still have to enable the ECU for towing) If you use *13 pin electrics you can get a cheap 13 to 7 pin plug in adaptor if needed? Being you car is 6 years old, It may be wise to check 1st if the rear exhaust boxes can be removed with out damage? And if carrying a full load of passengers and equipment in the boot it might be worth up grading the rear shock absorbers to a aftermarket heavy duty type. Tip: Carry something in the boot to kneel on? plus gardening gloves, I kept an old square of carpet on top of the spare wheel. Swan neck balls, electric plugs & safety cable are fiddly to fit as there up behind the rear valance so its a hands and knees job. Apart from grease wear the gloves to pull the plug as these usually need a lot of tugging and when come out and you end up skinning flesh on the nearest part of the car.
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    Unfortunately had the same problem from returning from holiday Sunday battery was dead and therefore, would not start the car. I simply placed my battery booster into the cigarette lighter socket which retrospectively trickle charged the battery. Half an hour later the battery turned the starter motor over and started the car. I took it for a decent drive and all was well. I'm in a fortunate position whereupon I can place the car in the garage and leave unlocked therefore, there is no drain on the battery when left standing on this occasion my Son had used the car returned to the garage and locked the car, idiot the garage is alarmed.
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    I like them on the S type. Don't like them on the X type though, doesn't look right. Here's mine, £15 off fleabay.
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    I Collect my Jaguar 3.0d Portfolio 2013 63 plate on 10th Aug. at 5 o'clock (the one in the picture) the remeadial work I wanted done has taken a little longer than anticipated, however the excitement is building now.
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    Hi Michael. Before you fit a pump I would check the Power Steering pressure switch .?? I found this----The pressure switch senses the demand on the pump at low engine speeds and increases the engine speed to a pre-set minimum.??? So it could perhaps be the switch.???? Frank
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    The phone is smart... I, on the other hand, am not
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    2002 s type 4ltr v8 sport black leather with walnut
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    tony, got a number for you. jaguar customer relations team number is 0345 303 2303 8.30-5.30 mon -fri. good luck charlie
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    i recommend brownsburn garage in airdrie lanarkshire. gary & family really nice people and great mechanics very helpful and resonable
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    Here is an example of costs: Diagnostics: Main Dealer £69. Independent Garage. £30. The mobile mechanic I use £20. Same job, same equipment, same diagnosis. Pete.
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    When I was about to buy my XKR I found the local Jaguar dealer and arranged for them to give a clean bill of health before buying....if a vendor took exception to this...walk away! Fortunately they gave mine a 'thumbs up' and that was a year ago....only one minor prob since which cost about £90 to remedy...love the car. 2004 XKR conv. 23k miles
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    Dear Brian, I am also retired . Had a bit of luck in the money department, so I'm not flash in the slightest. The wife bought me an Aston Martin DB 9 for my birthday, whilst it was in for service someone ran into it . The garage is also a Jaguar as well as an Aston franchise . The XJ Supersport belonged to one of the Jaguar directors and they let me borrow it . it is a fantastic car, so they have let me keep it, it is so far superior in every single way to the Aston . Apart from the usual Luxury (and USB port) , it has a 1200 watt 20 speaker sound system , and three TV's' . As I get older I get worse, and have just changed my christian name from Trevor to Hendrix (honest) . And as Peter claims he is even older (definitely wiser ) than us I think you should both join my club . ATB, Trevor
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    Hi all, It was my birthday on Friday and I had the privilege of hiring this gorgeous 1971 Series 2 for the day in and around Nice, France. Not exactly cheap, but what a treat! I might have to go back for that XK120 another time! Nice Rent a Classic were superb and a pleasure to deal with , if your budget will stretch to it, this is recommended. They also have a V12 E-Type on a auto box if the manual is not to your taste. We took the car on the Corniche roads via Monaco into Italy, and it was a bit busy at times. If I was doing it again, I'd be tempted to head into the Alpes Maritime for some hopefully quieter roads, but all in all, it was superb. The car was iconic, torquey with effortless power, so what if brakes and cooling were not up to modern standards, just look how pretty she is! Although it was actually quite a relief to return the car unscathed, I imagine worth c£100K, and the €6000 deposit did focus the mind somewhat! All the best, Russ
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    Hey Trevor thank you, will post a few pics up. You'll be amazed. Paid £350 for this beauty from a auction and it went through MOT no problem. Been driving it for 6 weeks and so far it's been epic.
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    Thank you, my nosey gene has been satisfied👍
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    You would't be able to buy a loom from Jaguar David but I'm confident you'll find the appropriate wiring in situ. You may need to set the system up with the diagnostics but I'm local to you if required ;)
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    Hi Malc It’s a 2012 Jaguar XF 3.0 V6 Diesel Luxury, this is the spiel from the advert, most pretty standard I think. But as I’m leaving behind 24 years of not great company cars, I thought I’d treat myself to something special. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was going to probably be mine, and as I was test driving, there was no going back. Finally got myself a car I can enjoy and have some fun in. Don’t even know what the colour is called, it’s a metallic silver grey. Can’t wait to start driving it now J 18'' Vela alloy wheels, Electric seats, Front park aid, 8-speed automatic transmission, Rear camera parking aid, Electric driver's seat, Electric passenger seat, 60/40 split folding rear seat, 7 inch colour touch-screen, Anti-lock braking system (ABS), Auto-dim exterior mirrors, Auto-dim interior mirror, Automatic climate control, Automatic headlights, Bi-xenon headlights, Bright mesh grille, Cornering Brake Control (CBC), Cruise control, Cruise control with automatic speed limiter, Driver's airbag, Dynamic Stability Control, Electric heated door mirrors, Electric windows, Electronic Parking Brake, Emergency Brake Assist, Front Media Interface, Headlamp power wash, Heated front seats, Intelligent Stop/Start, Jaguar SmartKey system, JaguarDrive Control, JaguarDrive Selector, JaguarSense, Navigation system, Parking aid with rear sensor, Passenger airbag, Pedestrian Contact Sensing System, Premium sound system, Rear parking aid with touch-screen, Rear spoiler, Security system, Touring suspension, Traction control, Trip computer, 3-flash lane change indicators, Bluetooth telephone connectivity, Body coloured power vents, Chrome boot plinth, DAB digital radio, Electric steering column, Interior mood lighting, Jaguar Sound system, Jaguar tyre repair system, Keyless entry, Keyless start, LED daytime running lamps, LED rear tail lamps, Automatic headlamp levelling, Chrome window surrounds, Curtain airbags, ISOFIX child seat anchorage, Leather steering wheel, Rear centre head restraint, Rear wheel drive
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    If you unlock the car with the key fob a quick touch of the button will just unlock the doors, but if you hold the button for a bit longer then all the windows and sunroof will open. This is most likely what you did when you found the car with windows and sunroof open. They had probably only just opened, not as you feared that they had been open for a long time.
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    I got a used Lock/Actuator from a wrecker and fitted it myself. Total cost including courier to bring the part to me $120 versus quoted total cost if Jag dealer did the job of $800+ (admittedly this was for a new part but it wouldn't work any better then the used one). It's not an easy job because there's not much room in the door but I managed it ok. The hardest parts are:- a) removing the plastic trim around the inner door handle. I found the best way was to loosen the door trim all round and then pull it off the handle trim by tipping the door trim forward slightly. Once the door trim is off it's not too bad removing the handle trim. b) Unclipping the lower end of the outer handle rod ( a green plastic thing) I made up a tool out of flat metal strip with a "V" cut in the end about 10mm wide and deep, bent at 90 deg about 1.5 cm from the end and using that to push in the two sprung retainers top and bottom of the clip. c) unclipping the plastic support which is hung just below the outer door handle on two double-ended rubber grommetty things. I removed the top end first and then once the torx screws holding the lock in place are undone you can turn the lock a bit to get at the bottom end of this plastic support. I used a tapered pin punch to unclip this but there's probably a better way. Then unclip the cable from the inner handle, unclip the electrical wiring from the actuator - the holding clip is underneath. Once all these bits are undone you can turn the lock/actuator around and remove it. Replacement is the reverse. Again I found the hardest part was the inner handle trim.
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    Hi, nice car, hope you get it all fixed up, if you need any help just let us know, here are some wheel centres : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-FULL-SET-OF-JAGUAR-ALLOY-WHEEL-CENTRE-CAP-BADGES-GROWLERS-in-BRG-/301850277682?hash=item4647adb732:g:4LwAAOSwKtlWm73q
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    Actually Peter, unless they have repeater traffic speed limit signs then you have not broken the law. They can have as many cameras as they want on you but if the case went to the courtroom it would be thrown out if you can prove there was no signage repeated along the roadworks

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