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    I know I've mentioned this before but here I go again. It appears to me that the simple respect of using "Please" and "Thank you" where appropriate is no longer taught (instilled) in people the way it once was. Looking at this forum in particular, if you're asking a member for specific help, either by way of information or by practical assistance, making it a request with the polite niceties is probably going to pay dividends. The reason I raise this again is that members of this forum, who have some specialized skills, equipment and/or knowledge are only too willing to assist others because of their altruistic nature. They are not, however, carbon based work units, required to respond to imperatives and demands. Is it really too much for some people to realize that to antagonise the individual who has the ability, and, equally importantly, the inclination to assist, will be counterproductive in the long run? A case in point:- A member of this forum wants his car to be equipped with Jaguar Voice, Bluetooth, a CD Changer and an Audio Connectivity Module. I was prepared to do all that was required, including providing the additional D2B cable, the installation of the hardware and the work required with the Jaguar diagnositcs to get it all working together. I estimated that it would take a day to do so and I would have provided lunch and sundry refreshments as I always do when a friend in the Jaguar community drops in for a visit or to have a job done on their car, totally FOC, as I have done for others in the past, as a way of thanking all those who have helped me in one way or another and putting something back into said Jaguar community. Even though I say so myself, that's a tidy bit of work to have done on your car for nowt. However, the message I got this morning from that particular forum member was couched in such terms that I decided to totally ignore the individual. His loss, not mine. I can also confirm at this point that I am not the only forum member who has found it necessary to refuse help because of the disrespectful, peremptory and arrogant attitude displayed. Chaps, we are not stroppy adolescents with vocabulary limited to text speak or grunts. As I said in the title. A little decorum please Or maybe I, and others of like mind, should just accept that "polite" went out of the window some time ago.
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    Robert, With respect ……..as an ex University lecturer I would have thought that you would realise that there are several common sense ways of diminishing the damage to your ‘writings’ and thus reducing your rising heart rate! As a person who has a movement disorder (Generalised Dystonia) which means that among other things i have ‘wandering fingers’ that continually make typing mistakes and often delete whole messages, (which as you say is infuriating)………. I ALWAYS write everything in ‘Word’ first and save it as I go, then ‘copy and paste’ what I have written into the relevant destination. That way if I lose it I always have a copy. Simple common sense really! I think your criticism of the technical make up of this forum is quite unfair and unwarranted, as it is manned and run exclusively by volunteers, in their own unpaid time, for our benefit. (that is for my benefit AND yours), and thus should be applauded for their hard work and endeavours. We are all flawed human beings Robert. None of us are perfect. If there are deep seated problems with access to the forum as you suggest, nobody else has posted a complaint, which does seem odd, given your technical explanation! Always remember that there are other more subtle ways to complain such as a ‘private message’ to a moderator, without resorting to irate comments which do absolutely nothing to enhance the reputation of University lecturers, or even ex lecturers. Always treat others the way you would like to be treated by them! Have a nice day. John Kirk
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    As an S-Type owner, you'll be aware (I guess) of how sensitive the electronics is to low battery voltage. You'll maybe not know though, what you're expected to do after dis-connecting and re-connecting the battery. I've put together a PDF document which takes you through the procedure step by step. Nothing that isn't readily available elsewhere but just gathered together and (in my view) logically ordered into a single reference. It also includes how to get the audio system working when you don't have the security code I've been asked for it so many times that I though I'd make a thread just for access to that document so here it is:- Battery reset.pdf
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    Hello Everyone Firstly I must say that these are my opinions and not condoned or endorsed by the club. I am now in my fifties and one thing that I find sad is that the word "help" is treated by so many people with suspicion It as though they are waiting for " but it will cost you" Clubs like this in my opinion help restore the values I was taught as a child. Members genuinely help others with no hidden agendas it's just good old fashioned "I will help you" and so I would like to help someone I have six new pencil coils and gaskets that I bought for my s type my disability stopped me fitting them for a while and when I felt well enough to have a go at changing them I found that the connection on the new ones is too small so if someone wants them and can pick them up they can have them no strings just in the club spirit of help they are free
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    The Jag Specialist. Unit 7a Gunhills Lane Ind. EST. Armthorpe. Doncaster. South Yorkshire. DN3 3EB. www thejagspecialist.com Lots of reviews on line. Level 4 Jaguar Master Tech and ATA registered Master Tech. S Type loan car available.
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    eBay item I know that several members of the forum are keen on obtaining an Audio Connectivity Module kit for S-Type, X-Type and XJ. Please beware. This is NOT what it purports to be. It is, in fact, only parts of the Jaguar Audio Connectivity Module and will NOT function properly, regardless of what the seller tells you. There are several items missing. The seller is clearly not selling what he says he is and anybody who wasn't aware of what an ACM should consist of will be taken in by it. I have reported it to eBay but I assume they will take their usual lackadaisical stance.
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    people are so quick to put up a problem with there car? but what annoys me is when i go back to re read if the problem has been sorted? NOTHING and with all the help of people replying back to help them with there issues. you would think that they would at least give us some thanks or no has`nt worked. but no the post just ends... some poeple........
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    Right guys ive had a look for a topic like this and couldnt find one. I thought it may be good to have a topic where we can show off our pride and joys. Heres my 2003 3.0 s-type after its 10th wash, wax and detail in two months! ( yes I know a bit obsessive )
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    Hello everyone. I just thought i would share this experience with you all because i hope it will help some of you out and prevent this series of events coming your way. I recently was having issues with my 2.2D X Type where i would have flat spots under acceleration, kangerooing and simply lack of power. When this would happen my car would go into limp mode and i would have the flashing glow plug light come on. My first point of call was to look for a turbo leak. I had the usual split intercooler pipe coming from the EGR valve. After fitting a new one the fault still existed. So i now replaced the EGR valve in case this was the problem... nope. After some brainstorming i moved on to the MAF sensor, nice and easy job and only £25. Still no change. Clutching at hairs i now aimed for my MAP sensor as the symptoms fit with hard acceleration, turbo pressure gets high etc... After a real struggle i managed to fit a new MAP sensor and believe me that was a struggle there is next to no space down towards the bottom of the intercooler hose. Much to my disappointment this did not solve the problem either... only to find that after all of this work it was my Turbo Actuator that had failed on me! This is apparently a very common fault with the diesel x type, s type and mondeos! So to all if your car has the symptoms i described in the beginning of this post (loss of power, flat spots, hesitation, or kangerooing around 2 - 3000rpm) then i would try the turbo actuator first before putting yourself out for the rest of the work. The actuator is not a big job at all. Hope this is of some use to people!
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    There isn't a production X type R. The r on the back of an S type, XJ or XK means they are fitted with a super charger. The R on the back of an X type means some ones stuck a badge on it.
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    Hi all How about setting up a list of recommended independent garages up and down the country. I recommend:- E & E Services MK Ltd, 114 Tanners Drive, Milton Keynes. Colin Note:- E & E Services are now at 38 Tanners Drive.
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    I think that it can't be too long before an S-Type owner switches on the ignition and gets the horrific shock of seeing multiple failures all being reported at once. The problem is that the electronics in our cars is susceptible to firmware corruption at low voltages and as a result the car will try to "fail safe" by shutting down various systems when it detects a low voltage state. In days gone by, you'd get a warning of impending battery failure because the lights would go dim and the starter motor would make the instantly recognizable churning noise. Not so with our cars though. The first indication is when you get the heart-stopping song and dance routine on the instrument panel. Following advice, I adopted the following solution and offer it here as food for thought. I tend to put my car's battery on trickle charge once a week overnight. Since I started doing so, I've never suffered the failure routine again. Being of a generally lazy disposition though, it had to be easy I wanted a trickle charger that would condition the battery and could remain connected without any possibility of damaging the battery or associated electronics in the car. I chose a CTEK trickle charger following advice and a fair bit of research (I HATE to spend money and not get the best value). CTEK's web site Further, I wasn't keen on lifting the boot floor and messing with crocodile clips so I went for their panel socket which is a small panel fitted in the boot lining. It has a three colour flashing LED system to indicate battery condition. I've found this to be somewhat pessimistic but, rather that than the other way round. Here is a Link showing what I did with my setup. I have the luck to be able to use this in a nice warm dry garage but I know of several who just plug the output lead of the CTEK in and close the boot lid outside their house and there seems to be no problem with water getting in to the boot. No. I don't work for CTEK I'm sure there are some equally good trickle chargers made by other manufacturers but this works for me.
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    Hi All Added some indicator bulb DRL/indicator LED bulbs today to my S-type R, For under £20 theres no ready to go kits for the PY21W bulbs our cars have, so i made a set. And i must admit they look great got the bulbs off ebay for under a £10 from Hong Kong, Came in under a week, they were so cheap i bought a extra couple of sets as spares I had to alter them completely, the led bulbs were a rubber grommet push in type, which i thought were poor. So what i did is mount the led bulbs in two spare indicator bulb holders, rubbers removed from new led's, lampholders drilled out, new led's glued into jaguar holder with PU adhesive, so they push in proper, and i used a old bulb base so it plugged straight into the old bulb holder, I don't like cutting and chopping the original wiring, this is fully reverseable and the old style bulbs can be plugged straight back in, No jaguar wiring or harnesses were damaged or injured in the process of this conversion, lol. One thing to remember on these, the lamp holders are wired different, the case of the bulb is positive and the centre is negative switched I tapped all the wiring in manufacturer style black cloth tape, for the OE look I also had to add a relay because jaguar use a permanent feed to the bulb and they switch the negative/earth to operate the bulb, so the relay converts the negative switch to positive switch The set came with resistors, but they are not needed as there controlled by a ecu and the resistance of the relay is enough for the ecu to recognise the bulb is healthy I got the jaguar indicator bulb holders and relays, there was only one s-type so 2x lamp holders and i got over a dozen relays, same as the smaller ones in the fuse box, for a Fiver, at my local scrappy, Mc Guinesses. I fed the DRL out of the fuse box in the engine bay, I can also turn them off there if i don't want them on all the time, mine come straight on as soon as the engine starts here are some pics KITS I BOUGHT LEDS IN MODIFIED JAGUAR BULB HOLDERS COMPLETED WIRING AND BULB HOLDERS HOW THERE WIRED AND LAST A QUICK VIDEO OF THEM WORKING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QvgvBbQDSM&feature=youtu.be
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    Hi all, With Peter's agreement, please find below, links to the official Jaguar S Type Workshop Manuals and Wiring Diagrams. They are in PDF format so easily viewable... and printable if you've enough paper ;) http://www.raistlin295.com/archive/download/jaguar/WSManual/WSManual.pdf http://www.raistlin295.com/archive/download/jaguar/Wiring/2002/S-Type%202002.5%20Elec%20Guide.pdf http://www.raistlin295.com/archive/download/jaguar/Wiring/2005/2005StypeElectrical.pdf http://www.raistlin295.com/archive/download/jaguar/Wiring/2006/2006STypeElectrical.pdf Perhaps, if found useful, a Mod could pin this thread somewhere?
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    An XK120, with one owner from new, and costing £180 to buy, has seen sold at auction for £77,000. The owner, a mechanic, has covered over 300,000 miles in the car. The XK120 was the first car that Malcolm Sayer worked on when he joined Jaguar. The 120 was the speed of the car - over 120 mph. He was asked to get the speed up so the car could be used in competitions. He did this by the use of aerodynamics and the car was know known as the C type. - the competition car. He increased the speed that there was never an XK130. It was the motoring press who stared to call it the C type, and it was followed by the D Type, the XK140, and the XK150, known as the E type. The D type won 3 Le Mans 24 hour endurance races , and reached 196 miles per hour on the Mulsanne Strait at Le Mans. The style of following Jaguars sports cars -- look at the radiator grill on the d type - has been repeated in following XK models. Regards, Peter. A 1951 XK120 below.
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    Denis (the jag den) has been providing parts for Jaguars for some years now and those parts are always below the prices you find on fleabay etc. He has assisted several members on this forum and has been a great source of parts for me as well. We have decided to throw in our lot together as this has been successful in the past. That is to say, Denis can provide parts and if you would like them fitted we can do so at no extra charge if you visit us at Penkridge (Staffordshire). Denis is the mechanical side and I tend to do the electronics. We have access to the Jaguar diagnostics software so can offer retrofits on X-types, S-Types and XJs but if you're just after parts we are happy to do that as well. If we have a specific car in for breaking we will put details in this thread. The free fitting only applies to club members and is a way of saying thanks for the help we've received from the club in the past.# If you are in need of a part, PM me or Denis and see what we can do for you :) This is not a commercial operation as we both have full time jobs.
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    ........... my sleeping beauty has awoken and is now back on the road - am I pleased ??? - you can bet your sweet bippy I am
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    Hi Guys The mystery of the thick black smoke from my 2.7 S type turned out to be nothing more than a burst inter-cooler pipe feeding one of the turbo's. My thanks to everyone who contributed help and advice. Martyn
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    Hi All Took some photos today at the NEC Classic car show, some are not the best, as taken with my phone made a slideshow with them here's the link NEC CLASSIC CAR SHOW select HD for best quality cheers Joe
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    My Wife and I went shopping the other day in my S Type parked up in the car park and away went Well on our return from the shops there was a Rover 75 almost the same colour parked next to mine and my Wife had the cheek to say mind you dont get in the wrong car love ha Well she very nearly walked home lol
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    It's about time the boy racers and other sundry clowns on the road took account of technology. Dash cams are really rather helpful. I was to chair a trial today of a 22 year old accused of driving whilst disqualified, dangerous driving and sundry other motoring offences. At the start of the trial, his advocate stood up and asked for the offences to be put to the defendant again, at which point he pleaded guilty. We then became a sentencing Court and at that point found we were also sentencing the defendant for identical offences on a previous occasion for which he had stood trial and been found guilty. In fact, the offences we were originally to have dealt with were committed whilst the defendant was on bail for the first set of offences. Are you getting the picture? The prosecutor stood up and asked if the witnesses could be released and we invited them in to the Court so we could thank them personally. One witness, a man of middle age, was having none of it though and asked if he could stay to observe the sentencing which, of course he was perfectly at liberty to do. His was to have been the CPS evidence in the case were were supposed to have dealt with at trial. The prosecutor explained that the witness's car had been equipped with front and rear mounted cameras and we agreed to view the video to guide us toward a suitable sentence. No point in going through the videos at length except to say that, after one particularly dangerous manoeuvre, the defendant felt it necessary to put his right hand out of the window with his middle finger extended in the time honoured "one finger salute". This fact will be significant later in my tale. Normally, a Bench would not sentence to immediate custody without the benefit of a pre-sentence report but in this case, the defendant already had two previous convictions for drive whilst disqualified and dangerous driving and had served a short prison term on the last occasion. We were satisfied that justice would be served by an immediate prison sentence and we sent him away for 12 months in total, along with a ten year disqualification pending passing an extended driving test. We further issued a forfeiture and destruction order for the car, a rather tidy Audi A4 worth in the region of £5K to £6K. In pronouncing sentence, the Bench Chairman indicates to the dock officers that sentencing is complete by saying "Take him down" and, as I said these words I couldn't help but notice the previously mentioned witness, stony faced, arms crossed and staring fixedly at the defendant and, if I didn't know better, I'd have sworn that the middle finger of his right hand was extended, albeit briefly, towards the defendant.
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    A warning to be careful about drink driving as we are getting close to Christmas and Plod are out there checking on people. Last night I was out for a few drinks. One thing led to another and I had a few too many pints and then went onto the whisky. Not a good idea Knowing I was over the limit, I decided to leave my car at the pub and took a taxi home. Sure enough, I passed a police checkpoint at the top of the road where they were pulling over cars and performing breathalyser tests. Because I was in a taxi they just waved it past. I arrived home safely and without incident, which was a real surprise as I've never driven a taxi before and I am not even sure where I got it from...
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    I have had the same, Paul. This time it was a man who saw a Jaguar parked in Blue Badge badge bay and while I was queueing at the ATM observed that people who have Blue Badges should not have a car like that. Keeping my face straight, I observed that he or she was probably a pensioners too, and they should not be allowed to drive cars like that. We had a jolly little conversation and I was egging him on a bit, as he made a few suggestions as to what the Government should do about it. He was rather surprised when I waved to him as I passed him while driving out of the car park!
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    I have recently seen several post face-lift S-Types where the owners had no idea that they had power folding door mirrors. It seems that such conveniences are soon forgotten and as a result, dis-similar metal corrosion takes hold and seizes the bearings. So - do you have power folding mirrors? Unlike the post face-lift cars which had an additional switch in the driver's door pocket, the later cars have no visible indication. To operate the power folding mirrors post face-lift, ensure that the mirror selection switch in the driver's switchpack is set to the central position. Then press the circular positioning switch momentarily down at the rear most edge of the switch whilst watching your mirrors and listening. If your mirrors move smoothly in and out with alternate presses of the switch then all well and good If there is absolutely no discernible movement or the slightest creaking or clicking sound then you probably don't have power folding mirrors (simple enough to retro-fit though). However, when pressing the switch you might see the slightest twitch from one or both of the mirrors and / or hear a slight sound contemporaneously with the operation of the switch. This means that you have seized or partially seized power folding mirrors. My suggestion to free them off is as follows and has been tested on several S-Types with success:- Pop the mirror cover off if you can. Usually this can be achieved with a little judicious probing with a fine edged trim tool or CAREFUL probing with a small screwdriver. PLEASE be careful though as the clips are prone to break, especially in cold weather. In addition, if possible, remove the small lower pivot cover to give even more access. With the cover(s) off you will almost certainly see a load of white powdery corrosion. Brush this off as much as you can. Now, the ideal solution would be to dis-assemble the mirror and give it a darned good clean up but this option appears to be next to impossible, but I'll be grateful if somebody can gainsay me on that . Instead, use a can of spray lithium grease and spray the area of the pivot bearing copiously including externally straight into the joint between the fixed stanchion and the mirror body. Allow a few minutes for it to penetrate (the pressure of the aerosol assists in forcing the lubricant to where it is needed), then, with the engine running, to keep the battery charged, operate the switch and at the same time physically move the mirror on one side of the car. This is best done with two people for the driver's side and impossible to do without two people on the passenger side. You may need to be a little robust initially but feel for the mirror trying to move and then assist it to either fully retract or fully extend. Once the mirror moves full range with assistance you can then gradually reduce and then stop the assistance to gauge the efficacy of the lithium grease. Be prepared to take some considerable time doing this. The longest I've needed was 40 minutes. However the combination of the forced injection of lithium grease aided by the physical assistance will eventually free the mirror pivot up to the extent where it has free unassisted range of movement on both directions for most of the time. Further applications of lithium grease will assist as you progress. Once the mirrors are moving reasonably well, you can replace the covers and clean off the excess grease from the bodywork. Lithium grease is unlike normal grease in that it will quickly disappear when polished off with a rag. SOMETIMES, you can achieve the same result without removing the cover, just by spraying the grease into the joint. However, I would still advocate removing the covers to get a more comprehensive job done. Regular operation of the mirrors will keep them moving freely although you might like to add the lithium grease procedure to your normal maintenance, perhaps on a bi-monthly basis? The following Youtube video, which is not mine and which I hereby acknowledge the originator, may be of assistance but you really do not need to go to the trouble of removing the complete mirror assembly from the door, or removing the mirror glass, in my judgement. S-Type door mirror maintenance I hope this is of help
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    Hi chaps, I have just bought my 2006 S-Type R and I must say that she is everything that I expected so this being my second post on the forum I thought that I would show her off a little. Thanks Escortmad for starting this thread. So here is my pride and joy.
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    Like the topic and particularly interested as I've only had my gorgeous cat since Feb. I live between Bath and Bristol so any recommendations for this area would be welcome! Still smiling like a lunatic every time I drive it...... :P :P
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    In 1946 when the Second World War had just ended, I was 10 years old and, having seen an SS Jaguar for the first time, I announced that "I would have a Jag when I was old enough to drive"! It took longer than intended but I eventually achieved my ambition in 2002 when I was 65 when I bought an ex-demo 3.0 Litre S Type with 4000 miles on the clock.From the outset this has been a "head turning" car maybe because of its unusual colour (Roman Bronze) and partly because of its 18 inch wheels. Whatever the reason, I have had, and still get, regular compliments from complete strangers. The car has no less than 61,000 miles on the clock as it enters its 12th year in my ownership and I have to say "It was worth the wait"
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    Hi everyone It would be interesting to know where everyone is from in the country. Im from West Calder in Scotland.... B) Bill
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    Hi Seamus and welcome to the Club. What engine does you car have? If it is a diesel engine, I would recommend Millers Eco Plus [diesel] which I use and which keeps the fuel system clean. Since starting to use it a couple of years ago I have never had the engine amber warning light come on telling me the EGR valves needed cleaning. I also recommend you use Premium Fuel as it does give a better mpg and a smoother ride. Regards, Peter.
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    Hey everyone, I am on my first Jaguar, had it for a year now. As a previous owner of an original mini I enjoyed the small acknowledgment all us mini drivers used to give each other; a wave or a quick head light flash when passing by. Given that we are all Jaguar enthusiasts here, I think we should start acknowledging each other with a wave or flash of the lights, I think it adds to a sense of community among owners. Why not give a brief wave to other people enjoying their choice of vehicle? So if you find yourself in Dorset and some weirdo in a blue XF-R waves or flashes lights at you for no reason, that'll probably be me!
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    Personally I wouldn't touch Adrian Flux with someone else's bargepole. A good couple of years ago I called them and after disclosing my best quote so far was offered a policy at a slightly lower price. I asked for a reference number but was told that this special price was only available whilst I was on the phone. I calmly asked for the girls name and said that I wanted to speak to her manager. When she asked me why I told her that she had broken the law and I wanted to know why her manager taught/encouraged such behaviour, she hung up on me. When I phoned back every operator told me their was no record that I had even had a quote. No wonder I record all business phone calls now.. October 2015; I got a quote on Google Compare with Adrian Flux as the provider. It was a good quote and so I accepted it. I then got a phone call the day before the cover was due to start to tell me that the policy had been cancelled as I had not disclosed a County Court Judgement against me. I did not know I had ever had one and there is no evidence that I do (another story). I had paid for the policy outright which had nearly emptied my bank account so I couldn't afford another policy with someone else. It took Adrian Flux over four days to return my money during which time I was uninsured and so couldn't get to work 20 miles away. This cost me approximately £350. I went back through the "Google Compare" system and at no point was I asked if I had a CCJ. So even if I had known that I (allegedly) had one I wasn't asked about it so Adrian Flux assumed that I didn't and therefore based my quote on false information. I tried to get compensation for my loss of earnings but was given such a load of contradictory BS by the legal department that I would have needed a law degree to decipher it, shamefully I gave up and moved on like a good prole should. The company and their practice ethos is absolutely disgusting. I doubt they are significantly worse than any other but I've been burned twice by a company that drapes semi-naked slags across cars to sell their services, that's enough for me to take time out to bad-mouth them. They have a website which to be fair is not as cheap looking as the Max Power type ads from before but still has nothing to do with something as boring and bureaucratic as insuring your car; http://www.fluxbabes.co.uk/ That just screams professionalism doesn't it? I'll be sure to choose my next phone and broadband supplier by how much skin they show dancing on a telegraph pole..
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    When driving my 2006 X-Type 2.2d it started to drop into limp mode when accelerating at low rpm. This could be reset by turning the engine off waiting briefly and then restarting. This problem became more and more frequent. After removing and cleaning the EGR and inlet manifold (filthy Job),which were not at all clogged, the problem still persisted so I booked it in for a diagnosis. They diagnosed that the moving vanes that control the effect of exhaust gases within the turbo and hence the speed and impact of the turbo were sticking, probably due to becoming coked up. They had tried to free the movement as a temporary measure but a replacement turbo was the official solution. I took the car away and realising that the vane actuator arm was easily accessible just behind the engine cover, i decided to try to free the vane movement by unclipping the actuator arm (one circlip) from the electonic control unit and move the arm back and forth repeatedly and forceably through any claggy resistance, This seemed to reduce the number of incidents for the moment so I checked out what fuel additives there might be for cleaning turbo vanes. I found that Wynns produce a cleaner specifically aimed at the vanes and added that to the fuel. I then drove the car in lower gears so that the car was revving over 2k rpm with occasional sessions of sustained 3.5k rpm to get the turbo and exhaust good and hot with lots of gas flow. This was interspersed (after things had cooled down!) with a further couple of sessions of actuator arm back-and-forth activity. After about 250 miles the problem had gone away totally but for good measure I have added another treatment to my next tankful and will still do some lower gear and high rev running from time to time. So for under £40 and a bit of screwdriver and arm activity, I seem to have avoided a bill for £1-2K! to replace an otherwise quiet and undamaged turbo. In hindsight I could have also saved the £200 diagnosis cost by first disconnecting the actuator arm and manually checking out how freely it (and hence the vanes) moved through its full range of movement! Ahh the wonder of hindsight! Hope this is useful to someone.
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    It now seems everything's back to normal and we can now enjoy the jaguar club again. Frank
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    here is a picture of my egr valve before, and then after a good clean. fit it all back then book your car in for a terraclean. then notice the difference.
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    I bought a 2.7 deisel on an 04 Plate, 3yrs ago. Over the first year I spent almost as much on repairs as I did on the purchase! However, since then (last two years) the car has been faultless, returns 38+ mpg combined, and is a joy to drive. My first jaguar was one of the original Mk 2s ~I'm in my 70s ~ and I always promised myself to buy another when I retired. My advice to anyone looking to buy an S type: have deep pockets, buy the best model you can afford, put right anything that needs fixing, regular maintenance and enjoy.
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    we had a chap at work who was told his turbo was knackered! and would cost over £600 +vat .... but we checked it out with this list and it turned out to be the actuator ! cost of repair £82 and we fitted it in half an hour. guess what though weeks later he sold the car....
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    Unlike Peter, I have only been a moderator here of just over a year, but in that time, like him, I've only ever noticed one member who clearly hasn't read the rules or thinks themselves above mere petty limitations, even when they are mildly pointed in the right direction. That being the case, I believe that, for the greatest majority of our users, the location and content of the forum rules is just about right. Of course, I also firmly believe that almost everybody in this club doesn't actually need the rules because they conduct themselves, naturally, with the decorum one might expect. I am involved in moderation and admin in several (unrelated) fora and they are usually like the proverbial bear garden compared to here, for which, for what it might be worth, I'd like to thank club members
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    Hi Jim, The Forum rules are there for all to see, and I see no reason to put them anywhere else. Other clubs do things in a different way and I have, in several years of being a moderator is this club, only ever had to remind one person to read the rules, from which I feel that there needs to be no alteration on how and where these Rules should be placed. New members do not want to be hit with a vast array of "legislation" when they join a club, and with only the odd exception, have members had a post deleted due to infringements of the rules. Members who join the club do appreciate that it is a friendly club and and appear rather to like the way it works. I would respectful suggest that if you don't agree with how this club operates that you devote more time to to the Jaguar related club that you run rather than the JOC. Regards, Peter.
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    5 speed auto on all S-Types with 'manual' handbrake (up to 2002) 6 speed auto on everything with the electronic park brake (2002 onwards)
  41. 3 points
    I'm beginning to wonder whether "please" and "thank you" were just figments of my imagination. I am involved as an admin on another, non related, but technical forum and just recently I've been noticing the number of times members of that forum demand the answers to questions without a hint of courtesy and, if a good answer is given, can't be bothered to thank the provider of the information in reply. One particular new forum member has started five different threads in the last 24 hours, each with what I can only describe as a demand for information. So much so that one of the moderators has gently reminded him that it might be prudent to use a little courtesy. This was done by private message rather than embarrass the member by mentioning it publicly. The reply the moderator received is as follows:- "wot the f*** as it got to do with u" (sic) Thank the lord for the JoC forum where courtesy abounds :D Cheers everybody, this forum is a pleasure to visit, in my view.
  42. 3 points
    Hi David, Nice wheels. They look good on Blue cars too! Peter.
  43. 3 points
    There is a list of things to do after a battery reset Steve. I've condensed it down to a PDF check-list which I can send to anybody who might want it. The checklist also includes the "back-door" method of bypassing the radio code if you don't have it to hand.
  44. 3 points
    TROLL Read Disclaimer Also, how can you con someone with a free site?
  45. 3 points
    Hi Paul, Being polite costa nothing, and I also wonder where it has gone. One of the big problems is that many people use the anonymity of the internet to be nasty when they would not have the courage to do so face to face. I too appreciate that the JOC is a friendly club with tolerant moderators. Regards, Peter.
  46. 3 points
    And the wheels im part way through refurbing.
  47. 3 points
    Go and hire a big America dodge ram for a weekend 6.0 V12 sort of size you will be glad to get your jag back believe me !!
  48. 3 points
    Hi Steve, Bell Lane Garage (Jaguar Independent), Langthwaite Business Park, South Kirby. Between doncaster & Barnsley. Great bloke with good service and prices, also gives you a courtesy car if booked in for work, not rotherham / sheffield but not much further. Give Richard a ring you might be surprised - 01977 651100, Gary
  49. 3 points
    Not a Jaguar Specialist but very trustworthy garage is Regal Motors, Bournemouth Road , Poole, Dorset
  50. 3 points
    good idea.. everyone please add to the list :) I will pin this topic

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