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  1. Re fuelling problem, there is a yellow plastic tool in the spare wheel area. Take this out, open the filler cap and look inside. You will see a tab sticking out, use the tool the push it back. This will enable you to add fuel normally. It is designed to detect contaminated fuel but this issue come up so often that i suspect the system can signal this problem where there isn’t one.
  2. Thanks guys, i will get these things checked out. bill
  3. Hi all, i posted this problem once before and am still struggling with it and wondered whether anyone had come across some more information. XF 2010 3.0D auto, 64000m - Gearbox fault, Parkbrake fault and DSC not available scroll through on the screen. After stopping and restarting engine, they sometimes disappear although the frequency of them appearing is increasing. The car drives perfectly normally and as these three unconnected faults appear and disappear together, they surely cannot be genuine. i did get a reply suggesting checking the battery (which is new) and checking earthing points in engine but I’m afraid i lost the information. So any advice would be very welcome. thanks, Bill C.
  4. My rather older XF has been doing the same thing. I have replaced my battery and that hasn’t cured it. Hope you have better luck.
  5. I had the same problem - the pump kept stopping. A friend found the answer…….in the boot, under the floor there is a yellow plastic gadget that you insert in the filler tube and you can release a “stop mechanism”. This system operates when you have filled up with some sort of contaminated fuel. Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks for your interest. The problem has been occurring for 3 years and i replaced the battery 6 months ago, which has not made any difference.
  7. I have exactly the same fault on my 2010 XF and just submitted a new forum post today. I have recently replaced the battery but this made no difference. The fault is intermittent but is happening more frequently now. have you found an answer? bill
  8. My XF 2010, 3l diesel, 63000m has the following problem and i hope someone can give me some clues as to what causes it and how to fix it. Park Brake Fault, Gearbox Fault and DSC Not Available are displayed one after the other. The car drives normally and when i restart, the signs may disappear or they may continue. The frequency of them appearing is increasing recently. Diagnostic checks reveal nothing. I can’t see how the same three separate faults can appear and then solve themselves and that its more likely to be a common signalling fault. But, how to diagnose it and cure it? any ideas, i would really appreciate your help.
  9. XF 2010 3.0d. on occasions I see “park brake fault”, “gearbox fault“ and “DSL not available” scroll through, each one showing for a few seconds. They sometimes disappear on their own or will not be present when I next start the car. Has anyone any idea what might be causing this? Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Hi, my xf 2010, 60000 m displays RESTRICTED PERFORMANCE, engine malfunction and red triangle. Handbook does not give any information on what may cause this. Any ideas? Advice/ suggestions would be very much appreciated.
  11. I have an cg 2010 v6 diesel. On occasion the dash will display warnings - gearbox fault, handbrake fault an ASL fault. These messages scroll though one after the other. The car drives perfectly normal and usually when I restart the car the problem disappears. obviously I’m worried I will have a real problem at sometime. I would be grateful for any ideas or advice. Bill
  12. Thanks for the advice. I'm going to go with it. The led units seem quite expensive ( I don't know which ones you used?) but the fitting process seems less complicated. Regards, bill.
  13. Hi, I have a 2010 XF 3.0 diesel, which has halogen headlights. My night vision is not as good as it was (when I was younger!) and I would like to convert to Xenon by using a conversion kit. I have heard different views on whether this can be carried out successfully. Has anyone experience of this which would help me?
  14. Hi, I've just bought a low mileage 2010 XF 3.0 auto. Very happy except I find the halogen headlights not as good as the Xenon on my last car. Is it possible to upgrade to Xenon on my car? How could I do it at a reasonable cost? Would really appreciate any help or advice.
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