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Restricted Performance & Whoosh


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HI Guys,

I just got my first ever restricted performance, no loss of power as such though.

I pulled off the M25 and parked up, when I restarted the light was off.

What I did notice though is that when I hit 2000rpm I can hear a sort of whooshing sound from the engine bay, to the passenger side I guess, like a steady blow of air for a moment.

I am in no way mechanically minded but to me that would indicate that perhaps a turbo pipe has split or come loose, I did look under the hood but couldn't see anything obvious.

I have to drop it a my dealers tomorrow, I guess a bit of gentle driving is in order, keeping it below the 2000rpm, if possible, they say that it will be looked over within 48hrs.

Have any of you experienced anything similar? Is it likely to be a simple fix? I was supposed to be driving to the Netherlands on Thu night.

I do have an extended warranty, so the issue isn't getting it fixed but it's a case of how long as I will have to hire a car.

Any thoughts and/or advice would be most welcome.

Best wishes,


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Thanks Clive,

It does, I am clinging to hope that they can diagnose it quickly, have the part in stock or next day so I can get it back on Thu for my road trip to the Netherlands, otherwise the trip has to be cancelled.

Best wishes,


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Hi All,

Just to update, I called the dealers for an update but the person wasn't at their desk, so have been promised a call back.

After that I call the Jaguar extended warranty people, as I hadn't included Jaguar Assist when I renewed it and it would have been very useful.

It was a very easy and straight forward change to my policy as it was still within 30 days since renewal, happy days, he did mention that a replacement hose had already been approved on my current case, so this means that it wasn't the intercooler that split but that a hose either split or came off.

So Alex, gold star and go to the top of the class.

So this means that I should have my cat back tomorrow as hoped, although I did move my Eurotunnel booking back a day from 1.30am Fri to 2.20am Sat as a precaution.

As a side note, I find that when ever I am without my cat, any substitute vehicle just doesn't live up to it, I had the newer version Sportbrake, didn't like it, I had an Evoke, didn't like it, from E & E in MK I've had x-types, really don't like them, right now I have a Seat Leon which I also don't like. With exception of the X-Types there is fundamentally wrong with them, just not as nice, comfortable and smooth as my own. Am I just a snob?

Anyway, the dealership just called, confirmed split hose, on order for next day, so all being well I will be back in my beloved cat around lunch time tomorrow 😉

Thanks guys for all your advice and support.

Best wishes,


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