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  1. Thank you but can anyone tell me how to permanently delete them?
  2. Thank you Steve, for your opinion but now I just want rid of the warning lights. Yes I have had several checks at the jaguar specialist but do not want to throw any more money at it.
  3. I am getting rather tired of intermittent false alarm warning lights on ABS and SRS when there is no fault on my 02 XK8. The car is low milage and well cared for, I do not want to throw any more money at these niggles............My current solution is to stick a square of black tape over them......... QUESTION.......Can the computer be reprogrammed to switch them off permanently / can the bulbs be removed, or is there a fuse that I could pull out to get rid of these annoyances? As I drove fro long befor such things were fitted, they are not features that I value.
  4. Happy Birthday Percentage!

  5. I have managed to find a set of new 18" OE Jaguar wheels, so now need to find a way of selling my 20" BBS Detroit wheels..........Not into ebay Any Idea of their value? All quite serviceable, but ready for a smarten up, two newish Dunlop tyres, two worn but useable Pirrelis
  6. I have an low milage 02 XK8 convertible, just as a summer toy. Two tyres are due for replacement, two wheels are slightly deformed (passed MOT OK) All the wheels would benefit from a cosmetic refurb, the rest of the car is very tidy Due to the poor ride on 20" wheels, rather that spend money on them, I am considering buying a replacement set of 18 or 19" wheels and tyres - selling the old wheels to help with the cost. Questions, For ride quality / comfort would you recommend the 18s or 19s ? Are there any wheels / wheel suppliers that you would recommend - or avoid? Do not need to be OE.
  7. Hello all, I recently bought myself an XK8 convertible, just as a hidays and holidays car.........the E-Type that I never had 40 years ago. It's great fun to drive as I am sure that most here know! My daughter was very enthusiastic about it, but i did overhear her say to a friend, "well it's safer than a motorbike, quieter than his guitar and probably less trouble than bonking the office tottie!" Regards Mike
  8. Welcome to the Jaguar forums Percentage :)