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  1. My Jag X type has very noisy from engine as I sound of engine can be heard form 10 meter away. Vehicle runs sluggish but scanner did not find any error. If anyone experienced same issue please help Thank you very much
  2. Dear all, I would like to replace brake dish rotor + pad of my X type SE diesel but not prepared to pay at Jag price. Any recommend of OEM is appreciated
  3. Dear all, My Jag X Type diesel 2.2 year 2008 get problem that vehicle start running ok as the engine is cool. After engine get warm the vehicle run sluggish, steering wheel get heavier, then the sound "ket ket ket" like metal crash can be heard when accelerator was pushed. I bring vehicle to mechanist but he could not detect problem. Do you have any experiences please share Thank for your reading
  4. Hi Dannyboy, If your Jag X type gear box is automatic you can read through this topic following below link. I have replaced actuator of my Jag X type and it runs smoothly
  5. Dear all, I have experienced my vehicle steering was too heavy then I check fluid of power steering that need oil add. Can you advise name of fluid for power steering? Thank you
  6. Hi Jerry, Thank for sharing. Can you advise how to get carbon clean to the vehicle?
  7. After a month waiting the part arriving to replace the actuator but it only works after 15 miles driving then issue re-appear. The mechanist put plug in and found another code that turbo got stuck and need to check and replace new turbo charger. I'm not lucky at all as mechanist said replace actuator is 50% luck to fix the issue but he did not said that before :). Please advise should I purchase used turbo charger because mechanist order used actuator already
  8. Hi all, I send my vehicle to garage for diagnosis then techie found the actuator got problem and need a replacement because they can fix it. They have order a new one then take some days to receive part. I will update after new part arrived and replace the old one
  9. Hi Geoff, Cross finger. I will monitor my jag some days before asking mechanist to touch on turbo/actuator. I living Cyprus so I don't think cold weather effect to oil then system detect gearbox fault.
  10. Hi Cubist, Thanks. My Jag 2008 diesel automatic got this issue therefore I try to find the way to fix it with reasonable cost. Yesterday I brought my jag to local garage then techie plug in to detect code then he said one sensor was malfunction then he need to find out and replace them. At first he will clear the code then message disappear but after driving few miles then message is appear. I will bring back my jag to him to replace sensor if any, then if issue still exist I will ask him to check turbo/actuator
  11. Hi all, I found this topic same issue of gearbox fault then I think it can help. Below is a quote from topic owner but you can read all threads from this link Last, hopefully, update. 60 mile trip today at highish speed, therefore engine and turbo well up to temp, and NO repercussions. So, I now feel comfy that the issue is resolved. Summary of thread: Started with the appearance of a message on the dashboard display "Gearbox Fault" accompanied by flashing glowplug icon and amber light. Outcome: engine in limp mode and auto gearbox not shifting. Diagnosis at local indie: P132A Turbo/Supercharger Boost control A electrical and another, I can't remember what, though. Likely source Turbo Actuator. My comment: How come "Gearbox Fault"? Well, consensus opinion, the display is registering the symptom, not the source. Advised that best route would be to replace the complete turbo assembly. Cost £1400 approx. Don't like that route Find Taylor Motor Services on eBay. They seem to be familiar with the symptoms/diagnosis and offer a recon service for own turbo actuatorunit at £89.95. I opt for this. Postage to them £7.15 recorded dely. Two days later, recon unit received back. (Fastest ever service I can recall.) Recon'd Actuator refitted by indie. Car starts and runs normally. No messages etc. Problem solved. Therefore, by going down the recon actuator route I saved £1222.90 (£1400.00 - £177.10 (£89.95 + £7.15 + local indie investigation and diagnosis cost £80) = £1222.90) OK, you could argue that I don't have a new turbo. But the current turbo is patently operating just fine and at only 50K miles I don't think I need bother too much on that front. So, in footie parlance - A RESULT
  12. Hi all, Any advise for this issue. I replace new battery but message disappear one day then next day error come again. That's not nice to drive vehicle with lack of power and do not if this issue will damage the gear box? If any one has solution to solve this problem completely pls advise. Thank you
  13. Hi all, I got the same problem and it might be battery low voltage because I only have short drive daily let say 40 km/day. Problem is after turn off engine and start next day then the fault still existed. I better send vehicle to mechanic so he can plug in and detect the errors. Changing new battery is also another option
  14. Dear Cubist, Thank for your instruction. I will plan to renew brake system of my vehicle.
  15. Hi all, I searched parts for brake from ebay and Amazon then I think Brembo dish rotor, pads are good price. Then I can order and change the rusted one. For caliper I can get it painted but I really don't know if old calipers work well with new dish rotor? If you all have any ideas then please advise. Thank you