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  1. Jerry Brett

    Transmission filter

    Thanks, not sure if box is working OK, seems to be affected by so many outside factors. Oh well.
  2. Jerry Brett

    Transmission filter

    Sorry to seem like an attention seeker but I have never owned such a troublesome car. As I have hit 120k I thought I should get the transmission fluid changed. After my experiences with the nearest specialist I decided to try one further afield. When I told him what I wanted he advised me to leave well alone unless the box was playing up. His reason was that he said you can't access the filters in the box and if he just changed the fluid he can't guarantee that it won't disturb any sediment in the bottom which could then compromise the box. This seems somewhat ludicrous to me. Shouldn't a filter be accessible for maintenance?
  3. Jerry Brett

    Phantom exhaust hole?

    Me again. After the steering pump broke and had to be replaced the car seemed a little raucous although it was not noticeable outside the car. I eventually took it to the garage but the mechanic said he can't find anything wrong with the exhaust. It's definitely louder on idle and at low speeds. Is there anything else that would make it sound louder and harsher?
  4. Hi everyone, I'm back with more misadventures. Lately my X-Type has taken to dropping a cog, usually when driving at low speed (30mph ish). It will do this for a short distance and then change up again. I did wonder if the gearbox was playing up (will be posting on that later). Is it possible that the car is going into dpf regen mode? I do a lot of short journeys although this issue didn't manifest itself until I had a change of duties which has increased my weekly mileage. The car also seems to be running cool. The temperature gauge has never quite hit halfway but recently it's only clearing the quarter mark. Any thoughts gratefully received
  5. Jerry Brett

    White powder (not cocaine)

    I have recently noticed small deposits of a creamy white powder collecting in the join lines on the dashboard. I am assuming that this is glue that has flaked off the interior of the dash. In which case, should I expect the dash to start falling off anytime soon? Anyone have any thoughts on what the powder might be?
  6. Jerry Brett

    Alloy Wheel refurb

    There are fake bolts on fleabay. They call them rivets for some reason. Available in chrome and, mmmm, gold. I didn't check to see if other colours were available but there were numerous listings.
  7. Jerry Brett

    Power steering fail!!

    Nope, I couldn't be so lucky as to suffer a split hose. Leaking pump. £200 bill to put it right. Just what I needed right before Christmas. Doh!
  8. Jerry Brett

    Power steering fail!!

    So today I was running an errand and suddenly noticed a groaning sound when turning the steering wheel. Usually I am the one making groaning sounds as this car seems to have been sent to test me. When I got to where I was going I popped the bonnet and there was the fluid reservoir slick with fluid on the outside where it doesn't belong. Hopefully this means it's just a split hose or busted clip. Anyone know if X Types are prone to this or have I just been unlucky? Even worse, does anyone know if this is something worse than a split hose?
  9. Jerry Brett

    Winter is around the corner

    Has anyone tried snow socks? I've heard that they're really effective and you can get by with a pair on the driven wheels only. I have contemplated getting them on the rare occasions when hot flat Suffolk gets snowy. If they work it might save you the expense of a Chelsea tractor.
  10. Jerry Brett

    2.2d Turbo - The Saga Continues

    And it went into limp mode a week later!! To be fair it did it after heavy braking and so far it hasn't done it again since. I wait with bated breath....
  11. Jerry Brett

    2.2d Turbo - The Saga Continues

    So here is my update. First the garage told me that they had sent the turbo for testing. When I progress chased the following week they told me that London Turbos had not received it! The garage told me that they would check with Royal Mail. After further chasing they told me it was collected by DPD. Another phone call elicited the news that it had been found and re-sent. Then I actually got a phone call from their mechanic who told me it was all a big misunderstanding and he had the turbo all along! Apparently he had been doing some research and traced the problem to the variable vane mechanism which was coked up. This was causing the actuator to burn out (this sounds like the problem described on the Pistonheads website). He had cleaned out all the crud and the car was running fine. I now have the car back and it does seem much better. More powerful and (so far) no limp mode. But why the !Removed! and bull story about the courier? I will never know and I will not be using Suffolk Transmissions again. They repeatedly failed to return my calls, told me inconsistent stories and turned a problem into a lengthy catalogue of disaster. Oh well. You live and learn.
  12. Jerry Brett

    2.2d Turbo - The Saga Continues

    Thanks Rich I passed your advice on to the garage, no idea whether they'll do anything with it. Sounds like they have decided to send the turbo off for testing but the guy on the phone isn't the guy doing the work so was his usual vague self. They're not my regular garage, I got lumbered with them because they are the only transmission specialist in the area and the fault originally showed as a gearbox issue. I will post an update when I find out what's going on. Cheers.
  13. So I posted earlier about needing to replace the turbo actuator. The garage I'm using insisted that a remanufactured one would be too troublesome and unreliable in their experience. So I dug a bit deeper to pay for a new pattern part. Guess what? The first actuator they fitted was faulty. I was deprived of my car for a couple of weeks because the supplier insisted on testing the part before sending a new one. Then the new one was fitted and Hey Presto, car was jumping into limp mode within hours of getting it home. Back to the garage and they ran some more tests. Apparently the turbo spins like a dream so back went the second actuator. Took car back for 3rd installation and it failed while the garage had it. By now I was due to head to Devon on holiday so I left the Jag with the garage and we did some creative packing to get the family luggage into the wife's Civic. Rang the garage from Devon and they now say that the turbo must be faulty as the parts supplier says there is nothing wrong with the actuator. However, they don't know what is wrong with the turbo. I feel somewhat trapped as I can't walk away from an incomplete job. The problem has now dragged on for months. After doing some online trawling I have found a company called London Turbos who do an exchange unit for £252 inc VAT. Does anyone have any experience of this company? The website looks very professional but that isn't necessarily a guide to quality. Although my problems have been exacerbated by a garage with poor communication skills I have to say this is the most troublesome car I have ever owned. I have seen references to the Jaguar grin. In my case it's become a manic fixed one.
  14. Jerry Brett

    X-type key fob issue

    No coding required. I just installed and paired and they worked just fine.
  15. Jerry Brett

    X Type 2.2 Turbo Actuator

    Cheers, I have seen their advert. Sounded OK to me. My old Mazda used a version of the Ford 2 litre diesel. I ran it for. 7 years with no hint of any turbo issues. So I am a tad miffed with the Jag.